Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Good Chat With Nieces

I enjoyed spending time with my nieces. They love to chat with me, I think. We pay them a visit last night. While wife was busy discussing family matters with her brother and sis-in-law, I sneaked into the kitchen and chatted with these two nieces, who're having their supper.

The younger one, Ms. H was excited with her involvement in caroling. This is her first time being selected. Dah cukup umur katakan. She got the chance to perform caroling at various places from food court all the way to 5-stars hotel. We chatted away and laughed every now and then as she told me her exciting experiences. Suddenly, she stopped. Raised both her hand and declared, "Stop! Uncle Josh, I need to poo-poo first', then ran off a fast as she can. I teased her, 'Don't make too much noises in the toilet!'.... 'Yes, sir!' she replied, sambil berlari-lari gi toilet. This amused me. Children are straight forward. Kalo nak poo-poo, terus terang je dia cakap. Takde malu-malunyer. Kalo kita tengah meeting, tiba-tiba angkat dua tangan tinggi-tinggi, "Jap, saya nak gi poo-poo!' Boleh tak??

Ms. A was bored staying at home. It's holiday but the parents were busy. She's reaching her puberty. Tons of questions and curiosities will flock into her mind, just as any other teenager had. She's rather uncertain about her school, and the pupils there. We talked about what is in and what is not. Stuying in an international school with many rich spoiled brats make her wondering how would people look at her and her school. I told her rather frankly that there were some stuff that teenager should not do but was a norm to some of her seniors (I heard stories from my another friend), like taking drugs, smoking and even rent a room for sex. She said she knows, that's what worries her. I'm glad that Ms. A is a well behaved young lady, well mannered and with clear senses. She's brought up in a Christian family with high christian value. That makes me proud of her.

It was 12.30 mid night when we decided to head home. I'm a zombie this morning.


doc said...


i think nieces/nephews are like grandchildren - they are great fun without having to be truly responsible for them.

Josh said...

Hi Doc, thanks for dropping by. Yuh, they're fun to be with. And I do agree with u! heheh. actually, we do have to be responsible for them sometimes. Especially when their parents had entrusted them to us.