Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas Party

It's an yearly event. Not that we want to do this every year, but it was actually upon overwhelming requests by many friends and relatives. We thought we could run away this year and celebrate Christmas at my hometown with my mum and dad. But if we were to do so, many would be disappointed. This year, we cut down our budget. Upon special invitation only. Or else, the turn out will be too many to handle.

We catered some food and I made some drinks while wife prepared some agars and puddings. This is Malaysia, celebration=food.

For the children, the fun part is when they received their christmas gifts.

For the adults, it's time to catch up on each others.

And for some, sipping red wine while enjoying some tidbits and chatting with fellow friends were just heavenly. I don't drink, so I'm not in the category. I can't take liquors, they'll turn my face (and the whole body) ultra-red!

Christmas is about love. God loves us, and therefore, we should love one another, even to those that we felt so difficult to love. For there's no discrimination in God's love.

Merry Christmas and Blessed New Year to my blog readers.

p/s. Beruang Madu, dah letak gambar banyak-banyak dah. Betul tak buat camni?


indica said...

Buat kat sini pun ada gak yg disapointed..hehe..

ultra red atau ultra udang kena bakar?

once again, am wishing Merry Christmas Josh..

Beruang Madu said...

Josh...haaa cam tulah..abang suka abang suka..errr...ubi badak tu ada lagi ker?? goreng pon sodap cicah sambal kicap..

Josh said...

[indica] I know, my mum and dad are disapointed...
Merah udang bakar kot. hehe.
Thanks for the greetings.

[Beruang madu] Tenkiu atas pujian abg tu. hehe. Ubi badak tu ada ditanam kat kampung Puan Tod tu. Tak pernah goreng. Nanti josh cuba. Kalo sedap, siap ubi tu. Kalo x sedap, siap abg. hahaha