Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Mr. Wan & Family came over

Mr. Wan and family stay just 5 minutes walk from our place. They're our frequent visitors, at least once a week. They came over last night. Each has their favourite spot in our house. This pic tells the story.

Their son had just turned three a couple of months ago. He had changed from cute in year one, to adorable in year two. At three, he starts talking, non-stop. But the parents are getting worried, as many had told them, children's behaviour will change and develop from year to year. Cute one, adorable two..... terrible three... horrible four. As the son turned three, he started to show some terrible behaviour... (luckily, still able to be controlled)

I made some cheese pan cake for them for supper. They love it! Sorry, I forgot to take photos of the pan cakes.

As we're church members, we shared on our faith, and our challenges in our daily lives.


Beruang Madu said...

bestnya pancake... kegemaran abg tu Josh... tapi kalau ada kari kambing ker ayam ker.. of course pan cake tak pandang... buatlah satu untuk kita jerr... nanti kitorang serbu umah

Josh said...

[beruang madu] boleh, Josh buat satu je. share lima orang. kari kambing disediakan. boleh?