Friday, January 11, 2008

Leng Loi Honey's House Warming Party

Leng Loi Honey, Danial's larling, moved into her new apartment. She threw a house warming party last night. Close friends only. (Danial, did she tell u about this moving thing?). The 24" Sony LCD TV is her only companion at home as she claimed. Kesian larling, kan Danial? Kan?

Simple but yummy foods were served. I specifically love this chocolate brownies. Heating it up abit with microwave turned this sweet dessert into an irresistable temptation.

She stays high up with very good night view of Kajang(sure takleh tanding ngan apartment Shah & Abg Bear). I managed to take this photo before me and my wife rushed to another function, our neighbour's birthday.

Note to blog readers who do not know who's this Leng Loi Honey:
She's our close friend, and no, she's not Danial's girlfriend, just larling. Oh ya, she got nothing to do with Honey Bear too. Walaupun namanyer Honey. Kan, abg Bear?

Note to Danial:
Since you could not attend this party, I provide the photos above for your eyes only. Now where's my iPhone which I had repeatedly asked for? :-P


Beruang Madu said...

Josh... jangan cakap macam tu... malulah abang nih... biasa jerrr...

Josh said...

[Beruang madu] Ada keistimewaan pada kebiasaan. kan? Nak gi rumah abg lah satu hari, nak amik gambar KLCC. Boleh? hehehe..

Besok duty kat KLCC. bukan Mid valley.

[danial][ma] said...

hej! whoah my larling house warming party...yup, she did tell and invite me but you know, it's winter now, it's hibernation time over here...heheheheh...ooopppssss! i'm not a bear, but a cute panda bear only...heheheheh...iPhone the only me can use ma...Malaysia no iPhone next time i will stop by at my larling place, so can do party and eating session huh... :)

looking at your photo garden just make me miss my deserted garden...hope the grass is still green...hehehehehe...and miss my leng loi larling...

Josh said...

[danial] Hey, dah ada orang nama cute panda la. Eh, bukan ke Danial ni Hippo? hippo kan cute jugak.
iPhone tu untuk buat hiasan je. Beli la.. beli la... (hahaha)
Your garden is still green. Grass surviving, but weeds starts growing.
Next time bila u balik kita buat gathering kat rumah dia. Paksa dia masak. Ok? She miss u also maa..