Friday, January 25, 2008

Dinner with Fellow Bloggers

I got an invitation to join these fellow bloggers for dinner two days ago. I was undecided by then, knowing that I would be very busy the next day. I rearranged my schedule and got home early yesterday. Sempat join diorang for dinner. Five of us all together. Beruang Madu, Dr. Shah, Arel, Hairie, and of course, me lah. Suddenly I felt like I was standing among the giants. I was the kecikiest among them.

Arel (left) and Beruang Madu (right)

Dr. Shah brought along his DSLR. Busy taking photos of the food and the surrounding as I did.

Hairie, whom I'd known for many years.

So I considered myself lucky as I stay nearby to this restaurant that we went to. Seronok ada orang belanja. They invited me for some sort of celebration. Congratulations guys, and thanks for the treat.

I ordered cucumber lime, my favourite. I recommended to them too. Ntah diaorang suka ke tak. Ok kot. This drink is cooling, and especially good after a spicy meal. Also recommended after taking BBQed food or grilled food. Cucumbers are good anti-carcinogen maaa.

These were some of the food we (or to be exact, Abg bear yang order, kita dok sembang je)had ordered.
My cucumber lime drink to start with.

Yang ni ikan tiga rasa. Ikan apa ntah.

Yang ni pulak, butter prawn yang takde rasa butter dan takde ruper butter prawn (now u can guest how I rate this dish).

Asparagus goreng ni..... erm... erm.... like eating twigs. Obviously, they forgot to peel off the old skin that gave the 'chewing on twigs' feeling.

This is quite ok, stir fried squid with sauce. But I can't find the squid.

All in all, the food was not as good as those at a restaurant at Kuala Selangor (according to Dr. Shah and Beruang Madu), nor at the restaurant next to this one. Lot's of improvements to be done! More pics and reviews can be found at Beruang Madu's blog and Dr. Shah's blog.

But of course, the gathering was not about the food, it's about development of friendship and getting to know each other better. I found them fun to be with. They're very friendly, easy going and completely non-attitude. Cool. It is through blogging that I came to know this bunch of fun loving friends. Now, who said blogging is a waste of time??


Josh said...
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:: NbC :: said...

jelesnye..... ;-)

Josh said...

Takyah jeles pinky. Nanti Abg Bear buat sambal, Dr. Shah masak nasi lemak. One day. hehe

Beruang Madu said...

waaa... I am glad u like it.. sorry makanan tak sedap... takper ini first time... laen kali tak makan lagi kat situ... serik dah

Josh said...

[beruang madu] OK. pergi tempat lain lah.

Shah said...

I agree 100% with your last 2 sentences. I've come to know so many good people these past few years, people I can now proudly call friends. Some I've met, a lot I'm still yet to meet up with. But it was all possible through the wonderful world of blogs.

BTW Pinky bila nak balik nanti beritahu awal2 OK. Boleh picnic nasi lemak sambal sotong kat tepi kolam renang sambil kelajar sync swimming dgn BM & Josh.

Josh said...

[Shah] I'm glad to come to know u guys. Best.

A'ah, pinky, bagitau awal, sebab Josh nak tailor-made swimming trunk yg pink. hehe.

Ad said...

betullah..byk kita leh dpt melalui memblog dan membaca blog..

err..josh..buat kan ad nya sklai swimming trunk..ekekeke

mm..kitorg(with TT) lum lagi lunaskan janji nak belanja josh..tunggu ad balik Msia..K.

Josh said...

[ad] orait Ad. Josh pesankan dia buat yang keciiiiik je.
Pasal belanja tu no hurry. Tunggu je Ad balik.

:: NbC :: said...

wah.. ni x sabar nak balik ni...
ok guys, i'll inform u 1 month earlier.. hahahhaha

(sempat le Josh tempah swimming trunk pink, Dr Shah n abg Bear carik sotong besar2.. Ad - get ready..)

Arel said...

Hi Josh. Nice to meet u for the dinner with my bros. Mintak maaf sgt2 becoz i had a bad day that day.. what to do, sometimes work demands too much. Can i add u to my blog? Cheers bro

Josh said...

Hi arel. Though you're abit quiet that night but I do enjoy your company. It's an honour to have my blog listed in yours. Go ahead.

Arel said...

Thanx Josh :)

awieworld said...

erm...nampak macam sedap kan. foto lagi menyelerakan daripada makan agaknyer...hehe..

letih bekerja, bila malam had a nice dinner with some frens..priceleess!!..

apapun, enjoy ok!! :)