Thursday, January 10, 2008

Battery man

The battery man and family visited us last night. Dah penat lelah satu hari kat office, sampai rumah pun dah kul 9 lebih (lepas makan kat rumah mak mertua). They're our church member. Many of our home's electronic gadgets suffer flat batteries and this man came to the rescue. He's a battery supplier. Few ringgit cheaper then in the market (for close friends only). We took 16 pieces, cost no more then RM20.

I was cleaning my photography gadgets when they came. They're in disbelieve when we told them we have 5 cameras. Two Canon SLRs, two compact digital cameras, and the latest addition, a second hand Sony DSLR. Ada siapa yang nak beli Canon SLR tak? (sure takde yang nak, sebab kena pakai filem).

Their daughter was adorable and playful. Asyik mintak amik gambar dier je. Berpuluh-puluh frame Josh amik. Tunjuk 2 je.

I always attracted the attention of children. Ramai je yang nak main-main dan bergurau sende ngan Josh ni. Naper ek? muka macam budak? Am I a clown? hehe.
I know, I'm a little kid too, trapped in an adult's body. Men never grow up.

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