Wednesday, February 6, 2008

New Year Eve Reunion Dinner

It's new year eve today. For the first time in our family, and for the first time in Mum and Dad's entire life, we had our CNY reunion dinner at a restaurant. Mum's age is catching up, so we don't want mum to be busy cooking and we definitely can't cook as good as mum. The next best thing is to have our reunion dinner in the restaurant, not cheap though, on brother-in-law's treat. hehehe. He got BIG bonus. I don't have any.

The dinner started off with 'yee sang', an important dish signifying prosperity and wealth. This is the dish that requires everyone to have chopsticks in their hand, and toss the pickled (and some crackers) vegie and fruits as high as possible. The higher you go, the prosperous you are.

Well, I'm the one holding the camera, and I don't want to be left out in the vegie tossing. This is the best shot of me. Nampak gigi je.

Here are a few dishes worth mentioned. This one is shark-fin soup. I love the taste but I DISCOURAGE anyone having it. Sis did the ordering, to much of my disagreement. Thousands of sharks were killed inhumanely each day, leaving the sharks dyeing slowly at the bottom of the sea after their fins had been cut off. This act of killing had disturbed the ecosystem of the marine life tremendously, causing ecosystem imbalance. If I'm the one who order the dish, shark fin will never appear in the list. Ever! (hm..... this does not sound like a CNY entry... but I just want to send the message across. hehehe)

Fish is a must. Signifying abundance. The fish in mandarin pronounced 'yu'. The same pronunciation also refers to 'left over' or 'over-flow'. Thus, having fish in the reunion dinner means everyone will have lots of wealth until spill over, and they're left over every year.

This dish cooked with some hair-liked fungi (or moss rather) by the name of 'Fatt Choy'. In cantonis, 'fatt choy' means prosperity.

I was heavily stuffed. I can foresee my body in pear shape after this CNY.


Beruang Madu said...

GONG XI FA CHAI Joshhh... adik abg yg comelll.... kalau abang kat situ mungkin abang punya tangan lagi tinggi dari Josh dan maknanya lebih prosperous lah abang kan?? yer tak Josh???

[danial][ma] said...

hej! hope that you won't drink that soup... :( whoah...the dishes so yummy and sadly i could not have my reunion dinner because of i have to attend workshops until early evening...will do it on sunday... :(
GONG XI FA CAI to aunty and uncle and the rest of your don't forget to swim after CNY...i will back to the pool when the spring is coming...ok, josh...cheers! enjoy your holiday...

Anonymous said...

Bro Happy New Year. Just got discharged home last nite so there's a lot of catching up to do these few days - so many blog posts to read...

Josh said...

[beruang madu] Tu pasti. kalo abg ada, Josh siap kena berdiri atas kerusi lagi. Takpe bang, abg dah prosperous ngan banyak kawan dah.

[danial] Sorry to know that you're busy till late evening. Nemind, the reunion dinner can be rearranged.
C's mum send her regards to you. Dia kata itu kawan bila mau balik.
Will try my best to go back to the pool again. But then, abg Bear kan nak ajar synchronize swimming dah.. hehehe

[Shah] I'm glad to know that you'd just got discharged. Please do take care of yourself. Rehat ler selalu.
Ya, I need to do alot of catching up on the blogs too.

:: NbC :: said...

wah meriah nyer Josh.. tingin nak makan yee sang lg - penah sekali je, best wooo ;-)

Josh said...

[pinky] skarang dah ada yg dalam packing. Boleh Josh kirimkan.
Tapi pinky, Josh dah tanya kat Pos, confirm takleh kirim makanan dah, since 1st Jan. Kalo tak, boleh Josh kirimkan.

:: NbC :: said...

owh ye ke, TQ v much atas ingatan..
but mkn ramai2 mcm tu yg best, mkn corang2 dlm packet kurang skit dia nyer feel.. kan..?

Josh said...

[pinky] betul tu. kalo sorang baik takyah makan. tak best. Kena buat riuh-rendah baru sedap.