Saturday, February 16, 2008

CNY visit to Tambi's place

It's common for the chinese community to have CNY visit to their relatives and friends. At least these visits will remind their ties with their distant relatives, and also some old friends. These visits are not the same as the 'open house' concept where the host invites u. The initiative of the CNY visits is from the person who want to make the visit. Just give them a call before you go to their place.

We visited Tambi and wife last night, Mr. Wan & family came along.

Well, Tambi and wife are not distant relatives of ours, they're our good friends. Still, this CNY visit was meaningful.

There'll be lots of visitors this weekend. Many friends and relatives had called us in advance. Oh well, I better get lots and lots of angpow ready, there'll be lots of children waiting for angpow.

p/s Due to tight schedule (and tight budget), me and my wife decided not to have open house this year. However, you're most welcome to pay us a CNY visit. Some home-made cookies and 100-plus drink will be served.


:: NbC :: said...

ala, baru je nak gi beraya..

Pinky - NOT Pink*** ;-)

Josh said...

[pink***] (ooopss silap taip)
Datang ler, just bagi tau biler nak datang. Nanti Josh serve chilled 100-plus. hehehe

Chen said...

hi josh. just came by to visit ur blog. can u consider it a cyber-chinese-new-year-home-visit?

yes? that's cool.

now where is my cyber-angpao please? you can cyber-transfer the sum into my cyber-CIMB-bank-account! hee hee....

eh, Pink*** came to visit ur cyber-home too!

Josh said...

[chen] Nah, angpow. Sent already, just go to the nearest ATM and key in RM20, if the ten ringgit notes are in red colour, that's from me.

:: NbC :: said...

hahhaahahha, finally u reached here Chen.. one of my 'lepaking' spots.. ;-)

Pinky - NOT Pink***....! ;-)