Friday, February 29, 2008

Lunch At Danau Golf Club UKM

It's Friday, long lunch hour. Guess where did we go for lunch? it's Danau Golf Club UKM, 50 kilometers away from our office. Of course having lunch at that exclusive club was not the sole purpose of our trip. We got to meet up with our ex-colleague Dr. A.

I used to have lunch or afternoon tea at this place long time ago. Revisit this place after all these years make me feel like I'm very young again. hehehe.

Who came along? Sue-sue, Suw-suw (yes, we have two susu), Puan Senget and Puan A. Dr. A gave us a treat. The best thing is, "Nak apa? Order je lah apa-apa, go ahead!" Dr. A gave the green light.

It's nice to be able to catch up with Dr. A again. Thanks for the 'belanja makan', Dr. A. We certainly will be coming over for lunch again!


:: NbC :: said...

acara makan2 ni sure Josh corang je kumbangnye... ;-)

Josh said...

[pinky] maklumlah pinky, kumbang ni je yg diaorang dapat.