Sunday, November 30, 2008

38th Birthday

There, now everyone know my age. It's not 18 yo nor 28 yo. It's 38. Right Amanda a.k.a Tropical Banana (my niece)?

My busy day started off with weekly wet market shopping. Then we had our breakfast at Old Town Kopitiam. Mother-in-law and her neighbour Ah Chim (auntie) joined us.

Did some gardening. My wife called a maid to clean up the house, while she's busy preparing all the documents needed for her meeting in HongKong the next day.

Update blog. Did three entries in a row, answered all the tags. Penatnyer..

Had lunch with wife. Wife cooked simple chicken mi-sua soup.

Did some paperwork. Then continue blogging and blog hopping.

Picked up the floral arrangement for one of our church member's Music School opening ceremony and thanks giving service.

The music shool named Clavier Music Studio, situated at Taman Anggerik Perdana, Semenyih. The owner Miss Yvonne is a young, beautiful and talented pianist, with music bachelor degree from UK.

Rushed to Old Town Kopitiam to meet up with Wahaza. I need him to fix my iPhone problem. I downloaded the iPhone 2.2 version and installed it into my phone. To my horror, not only that the Phone can't work properly, I can't even start it properly. Fear of loosing all the data and info, I called Wahaza around 3pm to seek for his help.

Pheww... problem solved within two hours. Wahaza saved my day! Thanks, my friend.

Rushed home, took a quick shower and had a dinner date with my wife. My darling wife brought me to this restaurant in Kajang known for their seafood dishes. We had this...(cuttle fish stir fried with dried chili, served in a smashed yam bowl. VERYYY YUMMYYYY)

... and this...(Crabs stir fried with Marmite sauce, yes, it's Marmite sauce! Supper Dupper Yappa Dupperliciously YUMMY!)

Thanks for the treat, honey.

My niece called. They're waiting outside our house. We rushed home.
They bought a homemade carrot cake with cheese cream topping. Thanks sis. Pik Ton! This cake was really yummy!

I got two cakes. My wife bought the other one. Cheesecake with yam. That wide grin was so obvious. They sang birthday song, I made a wish, blew the candles and cut the cake.

Close friends came. They'd just came back from Dr. Stephen Tong's gospel rally at Cheras. Another round of makan-makan.

12.00 mid night
Tired. Played around with my compact camera while chatting with our guests. Aiyoo... apa motif tunjuk bulu kaki??



Tropical Banana said...

HAHA! So you finally announce to the world.

I see me in the 9pm picture.

What a birthday.
Hope you enjoyed your special day,
You're not getting any younger you know

yazrie said...

Achuuuuumm! Terbersin sbb bulu kaki Ah Josh terbang masuk hidung Yazz

Josh said...

[Banana] Hahaha... ya, I FINALLY announce to the world.
FYI, I'm still VERY young, at heart of course.

[Yaz] KURANG ASSAAAMM! Siapa suruh gi cium kaki Josh??

Syam said...

dah 38 begins at 40...some said hehehehe...bila umur 40 camne rupa bulu kaki tu ek...larik!!!!!

yazrie said...

syam: bila dh 40, bulu kaki dia kebanyakkannya dah GUGUR....

ArnabGumuk said...

a'ah kan apa motif tayang bulu kaki kat blog yek??hmmmmmm...i wonder why??

wahaza extra said...

Speechless with the last photo; but I'm gaining weight... that photo proves it;

Josh said...

[Syam] aiyooo, pesal tanya pasal bulu kaki lepas umur 40 tahun. Tengok, si Yaz tu dah menyibuk dah.

[Yaz] Kann.., kan dah cakap Yaz tu menyibuk dah. is ish ish.....Bukan gugur, tapi shave.

[Arnab] Motif? apa lagi kalo bukan tunjuk?? hehehe

[Wahaza] Speechless ke? bukan ke dah banyak kali tengok? hahahah....
Yes, you gain weight. That's good. keep it up!

nazzman ibrahim said...

motif shave bulu kaki??nak pakai dress ke ops hahaha..

Anak Jawa said...

nmpknya bulu kaki tuu lebih menarik perhatian dr gambar kek...

motip semua org berkenan kat bulu kaki Josh????

* kompius 5 saat


Josh said...

[Nazzman] Maner la tau, kaaaaan?

[AJ] tu ler, entry ni pasal birthday Josh, bulu kaki Josh pulak yg jadi sebutan. hahaha

syukur said...

well..... you never look 38 Josh ...and it is an accolade !

Josh said...

[Syuk] Wow... thanks for the compliment Syuk!

azizi said...

a year younger ...
a year wiser.
what a nice way to go on.

Lang zal hij leven,
Lang zal hij leven in de gloria,
In de gloria, in de gloria!
Hieperderpiep, hoera!
.... "gelukkige verjaardag josh!"

Josh said...

[Azizi] thanks!

Erm... Hieperderpiep Hoera je Josh tau. Yang lain tak faham. hahah

Tropical Banana said...

Who's speaking Dutch? Haha.


tiring day..


Happy 388888888888888..Birthday Josh..!

Long live Josh..!!

p/s.. motif tayang bulu kaki??

Josh said...

[Banana] Hey Banana, meet Uncle Azizi from Amsterdam.

[Putu] Aiyooo... bulu kaki tu lagi..... hahahahah.... saja wujudkan 'topik' untuk comment. hahaha