Friday, October 3, 2008

Shui Jiao (水饺) Lunch on 1st Raya

Since it's 1st Raya holiday, we thought of having our very own 'Raya get-together' lunch. We bought some shui Jiao wrappings and some fillings (minced meat, kucai, onion, carrot, ginger, eggs, corn flour) for the occasion. I forgot to snap the photos of shui jiao making, sorry.

The shui jiao needed to be boiled for a few minutes before consuming them.

Mrs. Wan proudly showing the well boiled shui jiao.

We then arranged them on the plate.... ooooo..... so tempting.

Then we made our own pan mee dough, flatten them and pinched them into small pieces and boiled them with boiling water. Added them into the pumpkin soup and tadaaa..... our very own home made meal.

Those present (left to right): Jesse boy, Mr. Wan, Ms. Betty (Mrs. Wan's cousin), my wife, me, and Mrs. Wan.

It was a nice way to spend the holiday.


yazrie said...

Ooooo..Josh main "masak-masak" eh?? Heheheh

Josh said...

[Yaz] A'ah, Yaz nak join ke? Ni lah girlie stuff yang Josh maksudkan. hahahahaha

yazrie said...

Josh: Nak..Nak..Nak MAKANNNN je...Hahahahahahha

Josh said...

[Yaz] Boleh je. Kalo sudi, datang ler KL.

:: NbC :: said...

wah Josh, shape nye mcm curry puff.. errrr, ada duit raya gak ke..?


Josh said...

[pinky] A'ah, memang macam curry puff, cuma kita rebuskan je.
Duit raya? Pinky silap orang kot, sini bukan tokeh Dubai. hahahahahaha

[danial][ma] said...

hej! josh...that dumplings look so yummy...;-)

Josh said...

[danial] jom, kita buat, nak?