Monday, October 20, 2008

A Busy Saturday

Last Saturday was really busy. The back-to-back schedule was a mental and physical exertion, almost causing fatigue the next day. Hmm.... age is really catching up.

Here was my schedule:

8.00am Me & my wife accompanied mother-in-law to the market for the weekly 'shopping'.

9.40am Had breakfast with mother-in-law.

10.30am Send my car for service.

11.30am Rushed to a shopping complex nearby to purchase a few items that my wife required for her trip to China the next day.

12.30pm Helped Danial to send his car for minor repair.

1. 30pm Rushed to wife's office to have lunch with her.

2.30pm Drove all the way to Seremban to attend our church pastor's graduation at the Seminary of Theology Malaysia. He'd been conveyed Master of Divinity. Congratulations Pastor Desmond!

6.20pm Drove from Seremban to Kajang to pick up my wife before joining a friend for dinner at the Terrace Cafe, IOI Marriott.

7.30pm Arrived at the restaurant. Had our dinner, had good chat and updates with our friend. Our friends story on her life for the pass two years was so amazingly interesting (and unbelievable) that we forgot how good the food was, until we saw the pics of the food we had....

The dinner was on our friend. Thanks Miss Nica.

10.30pm Reached home. Started packing for my wife's trip the next day.

12.30am Hit the bed.



nazzman ibrahim said...

wahhhhhh bz nyaaaaa

:: NbC :: said...

fuh.. bz nye...
yg baca pon tercungap2 ni..

axim said...

wow...that's a lot of activity!!


wahaza extra said...

what's that loader & excavator comment? Weird...and why suddenly there cats photo? If me Josh..I would sleep till monday on the sunday after that kind of saturday. No wonder you were quiet last night;

Anak Jawa said...

mcm baca diari Pak Lah.... kih kih kih

Josh said...

[Nazz] A'ah, busyyyy sangat! hehe

[Pinky] kan. Josh takleh bayangkan camner jadinyer kalo setiap hari camni.

[Axim] A handful! Sabtu-sabtu biasa Josh selalunyer camni. very packed.

[Wahaza] yang loader dan excavator tu spam. Josh dah delete pun.
Yuh, i was quite tired that night. But the dinner was FUN!

[AJ] Hahaha.... tak kot, sebab diari Pak Lah dari kul 2~5pm tu time tido. hahaha


uishh..busy & penatnya..!

Josh said...

[Putu] Tu ler sebabnyer Josh selalu busy on weekends.


josh menantu kesayangan jek..heheh..

Faisal Admar said...

hehe wah petai and udang! sedapnye....

Josh said...

[Faisal] I LOOOOVEE petai.