Monday, September 29, 2008

Buffet Dinner at Palace of the Golden Horses, Again.

There we went again, to the Kin No Uma Japanese Restaurant at the Palace of The Golden Horses to indulge ourselves with those mouth watering Japanese cuisine. Actually, it's a buka puasa cum welcome home dinner for our friend, who'd travelled half the globe to be home and celebrate Raya with his family.

The Palace of the Golden Horses in the evening. Just beautiful and calming.

The restaurant was already crowded when we arrived.

Here are a glimpse of some of the food they offered and some cuisines that we'd tasted.
An array of fresh seafood. Deep sea crabs, squids, prawns, bivalves, skewed salmon cutlets....

They got fresh oysters!!!!! Oooooooo

But I love this one better, the cream baked oysters, soooooooooo yummy that I took more then eight.

The grill-on-the-spot skewed seafood. Basically they're not marinated, so we got to dip them with some sauces.

This spicy seafood shabu-shabu is a MUST TRY! The soup is hot yet very delicious! I had two bowls.

What's Japanese restaurant without sushi? Though not much of variety, but they were well presented. They serve California rolls upon request.

These sashimi were soooo great! I love fish roes. Any sushi with fish roes would taste great for me.

More sashimi, and the pickled gingers.. slurp slurp...

Some mayonnaise enriched japanese salad.

Oh Gossh... these vegetable tepanyaki were so great!

Those were only 50% of the choices they had! But we just can't be able to taste all the food. At that point, we got to be selective.

Here're the desserts. Varieties of ice creams and condiments to choose from.

The Malaysian all time favourite, the shredded ice with fruits and nuts.

And also a vast variety of fresh fruits. But I'm only showing kiwis here.

But wait, I'd selected the best drink and the best dish for the night: The pink guava juice, and the superbly smooth and fragrant chawan mushi.

And finally, here're the people:
1. Honey a.k.a. Danial's larling. (no, there're not couple, just very good friend, right Honey?)

2. Our good friend whom we'd missed so much. Danial. (For the first time, his ban is lifted in this blog so you can have a glimpse of how he look like. heheheh, right Danial?)

3. Yours truly, the malu-malu kucing one. hehe

4. And my wife. (She's too shy to be in my blog).

Wow, we really enjoyed the night.


nazzman ibrahim said...

kalau la nazz ada sana alamatnya nazz tengok jerr josh makan sbb tu semua nazz tak lalu nak telan hehehe

[danial][ma] said...

hej! josh...heeheheheee...only that pic can be posted...aarrrrggghhhh...the internet connection here is so slooooooooooooooooooooooo...;-(

:: NbC :: said...

Hi Josh..

wahhhhh kenduri sakan eh, jeles ni x sempat jumpa kwn baik Josh nanti..

psssst ask him to leave my green envelope with u.. :-P

2L2M.... said...

Hey....we crave for japanese food at the same time??? I had Japanese buffet dinner at Gen The Legend....:)

wahaza extra said...

Suddenly I'm craving for japanese food when most of day you see is all Kuih 'Planta' raya. Danial you should try dial up - you'll grateful after that to have a bit of a broadband line - way to slooooowwwww....

Josh said...

[Nazz] Lorr.... tepanyaki pun tak makan? Rugi, rugi... hehehe

[Danial] Ya lor.. erm...lift the ban and have more pics in the future?? hehehehe
Aisey.... internet so slow, iPhone oso no use. kann? kan?

[Pinky] Memang makan sakan.
Ai, takkan green packet je. Why not sekaligus ngan ang pow? hehehe

[2l2m] O, really? that's cool! It's partly because of our craving for Japanese food, and partly because we have discount voucher... heheheeh

[Wahaza] Hahaha... I like the 'kuih planta raya' thingy. Yuh, let Danial try the nostalgic dial up.

lily.lulu said...

woww !!! palace of the golden horses ..

tengok all those food pun dah terliur. must be damn good rite !!


Josh said...

[Lily] Oh yes, very gooooood. Lily minat japanese food jugak ke?
Psst, I still got discount voucher. nak?

Inah said...

elooo josh..mana lagu raya ni..i've been waiting..hahahaha la danial..notty him nak hantar video lagu raya dari malaysia..adooii..ade yg menangis sampai banjir satu adelaide :P

2L2M.... said...

Josh....we were there coz we had discount voucher too!!! hahahaa

budleee said...

wah everything looks soo good :D

hik2 welcome back to malaysia danial

land of expensive and slow internet connection :p

Kembara Musafir said...

huaaaa...!! pre-raya dinner huh...? jeles tengok makanan2 ittew...

malu2 kucing...? ye ker...? alaaa... at certain places, gua gerenti nih dia rimau belang mengaum dahsat punya... betul tak Mrs Josh...?

Danial, Danial... wake up...! you are in Bolehland now...!! not at Kota Bharu anymore.... haha

Josh said...

[Inah] hahaha... kita takde lagu raya.....
Jangan ler nangis Inah, tahun depan balik ler ye..

[2l2m] IC, saya tengok. hahahaha... good for u. Erm... Can I have some? hehehe

[Bud] yup, everything looks good! U like Japanese food too?

[kingkong] Takyah jeles kingkong. Josh ada lagi discount voucher tu.
Rimau belang mengaum??? Ooooo I wish. hahahahaha

Danial pening pening tahi lalat sekarang. Kurang tido.

budleee said...

yup, the colors and shapes makes it so appealing. its also veryt different from the food we eat everyday.


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Anonymous said...

i dont really get this "banned-pic" but hey, the malu-malu kucing one.. aisehmen....

Josh said...

[Rizal] hehehehe....(no comment?)

syukur said...

josh...banyak nyer makan tu....nanti gi jogging yer..ha ha

Josh said...

[Syukur] bukan setakat jogging Syukur, siap swimming, gym dan sauna lagi. hahaha

shah said...


Josh said...

[Shah] Shah suka oyster jugak ke?