Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I Bought a Second-hand Sony A100

I saw the advertisement on TT's blog, he'd put up his DSLR Sony A100 for sale, good bargain. I wrote him an email immediately to ask if the camera was still available. The reply was prompt (I'm impressed), it's still available. I met him this evening after work. First time meeting him after reading his blog for years. He is as good looking as he is in the blog, perhaps better. I checked out the camera, still in good condition, though some scratches here and there. Had a serious thought before making decision to whether buy the Nikon D40x(brand new) or the Sony Al00(second hand). The Sony offer came together with 3 lenses, and TT was offering the 2GB memory stick for free (oh, and a need-to-repair Sigma flash too) with the price at RM2,400. Irresistable. I grabbed the Sony.

I used to be active in photography years back when I was a post-grad. But by then, i was using manual SLR, a Canon EOS 300 and Canon EOS 50. The poor cameras were 'jailed' in my store room eversince the digital camera came into the market. I bought a compact Sony Cybershot and used it eversince. I put this hobby aside as I started working. But it's time to pick it up and start polishing again.

I thank TT for the good offer. Hm... might ring him up and give him a treat after raya, if I got the chance.

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