Thursday, October 18, 2007

Seronok Beraya

A number of my colleagues are back in the office. Masing-masing bawak kuih-muih dan makanan special dari kampung. Ani senget brought some keropok lekor from Terengganu. This sweet and helpful gal from Terengganu got the name 'senget' after a few hilarious incidents at work. She's gonna get married at the end of this year. Tahniah!
At about 11.00am, during a discussion, a colleague suggested, "jom kita gi beraya kat rumah Sue." Hm... it's office hour (Boleh ke keluar waktur kerja?). Almost in an instant I replied, "Jom!" (Bos, in case u read my blog, kali ni je, musim raya)
Ani was in the 'senget' mood. Snapping around in my car using her handphone. I couldn't help but to snap her in action. No, the car was not moving, and I wasn't really driving, yet.

Sue brought some cakes from Sarawak. The cakes are amazingly beautiful. Sarawak's cake are quite well known with their colour and 'design'. The layer cakes and batik cakes came with different colour, taste and shape. Just awesome.
Kita bersembang sambil menjamu selera. Sedapnye....

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