Monday, October 15, 2007

A fruitful day

I spent the whole morning (after having my breakfast with friends at Cheras) and afternoon at home. Managed to get some paper work done. They had been piled up on my office desk for weeks. I'm not the kind of person who like to bring home office work. But this raya holiday was exceptional. If I didn't do that, I'll be dead meat by next week (dateline).

Suddenly, I felt like doing some exercise. Went for jogging in the evening, with friends. Well, to be frank, it was not sudden. I went shopping yesterday and bought a pair of jogging shoes. The evening jog was planned yesterday. My body had not been functioning well not long after i stopped exercising. I got hypertension, high blood pressure (believe it or not, though I may look healthy). The news shocked me too. My doctor adviced me to stay cool, manage my stress properly and be active. Here I am, jogging.

Why not swimming? Erm... I can't find suitable swimming pool near my place, or within 30 minutes drive from my place. There are many swimming pools around my area, but all of them are of 'resort' style, or condo style. Kecik la, tak syok renang.

Reminder to myself: Keep active, your body is changing shape.


[danial][ma] - tyne&wear said...

OMG! you better keep fit, stay cool and watch your diet advice to lokter...hehehee...

Josh said...

Ini lokter pokok wo. Bukan Lokter manusia. I'm trying.

[danial][ma] said... pokok a lot lar...heehehhehehe...and one more no need put the code2 for posting letih to type ma...:)