Sunday, October 14, 2007

Something From The Past

Me swimming in freestyle
This one in butterfly style

I found these old clips in my computer. Taken years back (year 2002 if I'd not mistaken). Sorry for the blurry quality. It was taken using my friend Danial's old model sony digital camera. This clip reminds me how active I was in swimming during my post-grad days. I used to swim daily. And I had to keep an eye on a few 'students' to make sure they all practice their swimming too. They all are good swimmers nowaday. Danial, Hock, Leng, to name a few (Lengloi Larling was not counted as she'd only joined us once and had never turn up again, takut air katanya). Danial continue swimming today, even during his stay in UK (and became a 'guru' himself). That makes me proud. hehe.

I stopped swimming ever since I started working. Not that I've lost the interest, but the long working hour and the time spent on the road (travelling to and from office) had burnt me down. I know I should'nt stop exercising, but somehow i'd never re-start the active lifestyle either. I need some people to push me (or nag me if possible).

Oh, wanna see a photo of me in swimming trunk? keep dreaming. hehe.

Note: Thousand thanks to TT for his advice on how to upload video clips into my blog. This post was supposed to be published weeks back but i din't know how.


[danial][ma] said...

hehehee...whoah so clever huh uploaded the clips...good for you and great...iro-iro arigatoh for taught me to swim even though me the stuborn one to learn free style from the know me loh...hhhhhhmmmm...thinking of swimming after my moving out/in is settled...cheers!

Josh said...

Record some videos of u swimming and share them on your blog. Can?