Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Sibuk! Sibuk!

I had a long 'to-do' list today. Lot's of paper work to be submitted to various people, lectures, meetings, snap colleagues photos and print them to be placed on the organisation chart ( Thanks to Yantod and Sue for their help. Lupa, Emi and Mang ada jugak tolong), and some lecture notes for tomorrow. Giler.

I'd been wondering how can an academician excel, let alone producing research papers for publication if they were all pulled down and exhausted by these heavy load? This is not for a day or two, I'm talking about FOREVER like this. Yuh, right, talk about publish or perish. Oh, by the way, there're lots of management and marketing work on top of the 'load'. Hm..... they're driving me up the wall sometimes. Unlike our friends who're working in public institution, our work load is double to theirs, with much lower pay.

Sound like I'm complaining... tak lah, cuma kekadang tu tension giler. Nak luahkan perasaan yang tertekan ni katakan. I'll be ok.

Besok ofis ada buat open house. Satu hal lagi yang buat kita sumer sibuk. But it's gonna be a fun one. Tunggu saya update ngan gambar besok.


[danial][ma] said...

hehehehe...talking about publish paper...hhmmmm...i'm going to publish my paper soon...whoah! so proud because you know me IT guy who hates writing thingy...and writing in an academic journal is something and another one, international also...heheheheheheee...so dr.josh...just enjoy your eid celebration...eat a lot...nop! watch your diet ok...no rendang, or fatty foods, sweets and such...just drink plain water...hehehehe...ciao!

Josh said...

Aiyo... I can skip anything, but MUST HAVE rendang. hehe.. All the best for your writing.