Thursday, September 27, 2007

Learning Bahasa Melayu

Eversince I was in my post-grad days, most of my friends are Malay. I can't speak fluent Bahasa Melayu before that. These friends had become my gurus. I was confused by the many word used by the Malay which had not been taught or mentioned in my entire schooling. "Terple'ot" (I hope I'd spelled it right), "ronggeng", "kantoi", "no hal" to name a few. I'm always eager to learn. Thanks to my friends, I can speak fluent malay now. However, there're still some questions un-answered, below are two examples:

Example 1: The word "terbongkang"
As in "Tadi dia sapu habis semua makanan tu, kenyang sangat le tu, terbongkang dia kat sofa sekarang". The question is, is "ter-" an added imbuhan or the word "terbongkang" has to come by itself? If it's an imbuhan, that means the kata dasar is "bongkang". Can I say "Dia membongkangkan diri kat sofa sebab makan terlalu banyak tadi"?? Cikgu, tolong jelaskan.

Example 2: The word "bertubi-tubi"
As in "Penjenayah tersebut melepaskan tembakan yang bertubi-tubi ke arah polis". As tu my knownledge, "bertubi-tubi" refers to the continuous release of shots. Can it be refer to sound? Once I asked my guru friend, boleh tak saya kata "Tadi dia kentut bertubi-tubi, busuk habis satu bilik"? The answer I got, "SENGET la, tak boleh!" Hm... Camner ni, cikgu?

To tell people that I'm still learning, a colleague once taught me this pantun:

Saya budak baru belajar,
Ambil galah tolong jolokkan,
Buah cempedak di luar pagar,
Saya ambil tolong makan.

Senget kan kawan saya tu?


[danial][ma] said...

hahaha...i'm not the master of malay nor the best linguist...hehehehe...for the Q1 i think can....ooopppsss! can huh? confuse loh! Q2 sounds like 'ubi' hehehehehe...but the kentut cannot kill people i better check the dictionary...

星蘅子珊特思 said...

Erm...seem quite a abruptness that i leave a comment here..i think im de only one chinese blogger who dare 2 leave sth here..Well,This blog had been asw my curiousity for such a long time!Ur Malay ord reach a superb level until that we cant even differentiate it from a true malay slang..Haiz.If 1 day,my malay and eng oso can reach such good it is!Hmm~~