Saturday, October 13, 2007

Trying out the Sony A100 DSLR

Woke up into a beautiful morning. The morning glare pierce through the curtain. I couldn't help but to jumped off the bed, rushed downstair, grabbed the Sony and straight to my garden for some photo snaps. My model? the beautifully bloomed (or blooming) flowers in my garden. Tried the standard lense Sony 3.5-5.6/18-70mm. Didn't quite like the shots. I wanted some close-ups. Switched to Minolta AF 1.7-22/50mm lense. Still didn't get the result I wanted. Dashed to the store (as if I was running out of time) and digged out the old Canon EOS accessorries. None of the lenses fit (of course) so I took off the macro +4 filter (Cheap way to snap close-ups without spending hard-earned money on macro lenses.)from the lense and tried it on the Sony lense.

Can't fit into the Sony lense either, even if it's the same diameter of 55mm. The resolution? I had to hold the filter with one hand, while trying to focus, adjust and snap using the other. Here's the result (Some croppings here and there).

Carnivorous plant from Cameron Highland

The don't-know-what's-the-name flower

Another unknown flower. (I'm not a botanist, mind you)

Rose lateral bud.

Purple lily, close-up and cropped. Not really clear. This is the best I can do.

White lily.

Lastly (this is really testing my skill), a self-portrait. How did i do that? Secret. Here's the photo of me. Not bad, considering that I have to do the focusing without the subject.
Tadaaa... ok ah?

I'm hungry. Go for breakfast.

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