Monday, October 29, 2007

Taiping Trip

Been to Taiping last Saturday. Stayed overnight. Went in two cars, 8 of us. It was about to rain when we reached the hotel. The view of the mountain with clouds crawling over the tip was owesome. I snapped this photo from the window of my hotel room.

Actually we all went there to do some fund raising for the construction of our church's new sanctuary and education centre. We met the pastor and church leaders of Taiping Methodist Church. Taiping people are extremely friendly. We started eating, correction, they started feeding us with food from the moment we set foot on this place, all the way till we call it the night and went to bed at 11.30pm. Can't sleep. Too full.

Spent the whole Sunday morning (7.15am till 12.30am) at the church and a chapel, attended 3 sunday services all together. Went 'makan angin' around Taiping before we return home to Kajang.

We dropped by at the Taiping lake. Just amazingly beautiful. The trees cross over the road to reach the lake on the opposite side, as if they were trying hard to have some drinks using their branches.

I got excited as I finally got the chance to put the Sony A100 into real test. I'm kinda satisfied with the quality, though sometime the focusing took ages. I think that would probably be the biggest weakness of Sony A100. The potraits below were taken with the 75-300mm telelens. I forgot to bring along the tripod, so some of the photos are not as sharp as I wanted them to be. The photos are of (in order) Mr. & Mrs. Josh, Tambi & wife, The Wan family, Pastor and Mum-in-law.

Looking forward to have more photography sessions. As I said, I need more practices.

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