Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Kak Ja Tagged Me

Here are the four rules:

1.Link to your tagger and post these rules on your blog.
My tagger Kak Ja the loving mother.

2. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.
(I'd shared many things about myself. So for this entry, I'll write only those that I think I'd not shared with my blog readers.)

I started keeping my facial hair 7 years ago, marking the beginning of my courtship with my wife (my girlfriend by then). The reason was simple. I want to have the mature look, while my wife like my new look.

Playing Tarzan was my brothers' and mine's favourite 'game' while we were kids. We can spend the whole day in the jungle nearby our house swinging from tree to tree. The only thing that force us to go home was a cane. Ouch. But then, the cane was only served as 'gimmick'. We never really got beaten.

Bitter gourd is one of my favourite vegie. Believe it or not, my mum told me that I picked an unripe bitter gourd from my mum's garden when I was only 3 years old, and ate it raw. Yummy.

I was a quiet and introvert boy during my school days. I spent lots of time drawing (pencil colour, water colour), wood carving and making 3D cards. I love art. But my personality changed as I entered university. Now, I'm known to be one of the 'kuat membebel dan suka bercakap' person in my office. Just ask the burung-burung to testify.

I fall down from a ladder while picking some fruits for my grandmother. My right arm suffered dislocation and was hospitalised for two weeks. Stopped schooling for a month. Did an operation to attach a piece of metal to keep my right arm in good position, and took it out 3 months later. I can't carry heavy load with my right hand until today. Here's the 'souvenir' of the fall, a long and beautiful 'centipede' on my right arm. (Kurang macho jugak kalo banding ngan scar Dr. Shah tu, kan Shah?)

I love nature (I guess many of my reader knew this already), and there's one thing that I always wanted to do, but yet to be done. I want to get a scuba diving license. I did snorkeling, but snorkeling alone does not satisfy my desire to explore the sea. However, my wife had stopped me from doing it. She's very concern over the safety issue. We got friends who died from scuba diving. My desire of scuba diving is still strong. Let see if my wife's perception will change in the future.

I enjoy spending time with people older then me (Funny huh?). . The reason is, you can gain lots of knowledge and wisdom from their life experiences. But this does not mean that I don't mix with younger people. Young people are energetic and fun to be with too. Hm... wait.... this fact seems to be contradictory. Oh well, I guess I enjoy meeting people.

3. Tag seven people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blog.
This one is difficult, for sure I'll be cursed. Oh well, I'll do the 'who want to volunteer?' way. Siapa minat?? I had Inah, Shahril Aley, Beruang Madu, Dr. Shah and Ain-ain the other pink lady in mind though. Takde paksa-paksa ye.

4. Let them know they are tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.
Considered done.


shahril aley said...

ohhh tidakkk josh....

rasanya mcm pernah buat je..
nak kena buat lagi ke?
tak payah la....

u can refer to this entry -

Josh said...

[shahril] hahahaha... dah pernah buat rupanyer. Takpe, no hal.

Inah said...

waaaah..inah di tag ye..mmm..akan buat bila inah ade kesempatan ye :D

joshh..rindu sama kamu..lalalala


josh ni rupa cam melayu betullah..

Josh said...

[Inah] Yeah-yeah, Inah nak buat tag ni.

Rindu? shhh..... nanti wife Josh tau sure kena tarik tinge. Sh.... hahahaha

[Putu] Orang Malaysia lah katakan. Hehe. kalo Josh cukur misai janggut tu dah ada rupa cina kot. Tengok lah entry Josh bertajuk 'with or without tu'

ainmuttaqin said...

aiyo..tagged saya yer..ok no problem..tgh cari suis mentol nie..kalu dah jmper nati baru dtg idea..cerah otak..bkn cerah perut tau..hahahaha

syukur said...

I like fact no 7 tu... tag along with older people.... sebab terasa muda saja senantiasa.. ha ha

syukur said...

juga fact yang pasal scar tu... scar barulah melambangkan lelaki sejati...ntah ye ke???

ja-anuar said...

Tq Josh.. Semuanya menarik.. Esp part tarzan tu... teringinnya!! Tapi kja rasa kalau kecik2 dulu kja buat mcm tu, alamat berbiratlah betis kja kena rotan!!

Bitter gourd is also my fave!!Suka sbb pahitnya tu.. Simbolik pd kehidupan, tak semuanya manis, kan Josh?

Have a nice time in KB.. jgn makan budu banyak2.. nnt kena sinus plak...

ja-anuar said...

Lupa nak ckp, Kja dah tag Inahlah!!!


putu dah tgk le photo you without your misai.. adeiila.. tak hensem le josh.. tak matured langsung nampaknya..! heheheh...

better be this way le..

Josh said...

[Ain] jangan lupa buat ye! Tak sabar nak tengok.

[syukur] Oh yes, tag along with older people always make me feel young. And the scar have gave me that sense of machoness too. hehehe. Nak scar ke Syukur??

[Kak Ja] Oh tidak, Josh xleh bayangkan Tarzan pompuan menjerit 'ooeeeoooeeeoooo'.. You put it well, bitter gourd memang melambangkan kehidupan kita.
Pasal tag Inah tu, tak dulik, nak jugak tag, biar Inah buat dua kali, kita dapat 14 facts. hahahaha

[Putu] Ooo.... gi korek-korek blog Josh ye. hehehe... memang, tu ler sebabnyer Josh simpan misai.

Beruang Madu said...

Abang tak larat nak buat lah Josh tpai abang suka beberapa perkara pasal Josh nih No 1, No 2, No 4, No 6 dan No 7 tapi kita ada persamaan pada no 5... kesian Josh, tangan kanan abang pun tak kuat sampai sekarang sebab tu takleh push up

Chen said...

eeeyer!! Got centipede on your arm!! Hmm.... suddenly I feel hungry though.

Josh said...

[chen] please, don't lick my arm... geli... hahahah

Chen said...

could i at least tickle it? Yes? Oh thanks Josh!