Thursday, September 23, 2010

Justin's First Mid-autumn Festival

It's Mid-autumn Festival (a.k.a Mooncake Festival) yesterday, and Justin turn 10 months old today. For the occasion, mama bought him an electric lantern, though he doesn't even know how to appreciate it. 

We invited some close relatives and friends to our house for a dinner and enjoy the mooncake thereafter. Lanterns are compulsory in this festival. Kids love them. 
Still unable to stand up on his own, Justin was seated on his baby chair. There he was, holding his lantern, and anticipated excitedly as the rest squatted around him lighting up the lanterns and the candles. Nampak macam Tauke. hehehehehehe 

We hanged over two dozens of lanterns in our garden, and the children were excited. Justin loved the environment. 

This photo shows Justin with his favourite auntie, Auntie Helen. He grabbed the lantern firmly but never even stare at his own lantern. Hahahahaha....

It's a memorable night.



Justin still ni terkejut mode kot..hehehe
tak reti lagi..

tapi tauke yg tgh tgk anak2 buah kutip barang..hahahaha

CathJ said...

wahhh big boy already... ^_^... happy mooncake festival.. :)

Josh said...

[Putu] Kaaan Auntie Putu! Terkejut sebab tiba-tiba rumah banyak tanglung. hahahaha

[CJ] A'ah, dah big boy. Thanks and same goes to you. Tak main tanglung ker?? :-P

Pg Hj Saiful Rizal said...

its true kan, whenever u get a first born, all u will do is just to brag about him.. hehe..... i have friends here in brunei... its like.. his son this, his son that... he has to do this becoz his son this, his son that.. hehehe.. just waiting for my turn to brag hehehehe

Josh said...

[Prince Rizal] hahahaha... nothing to brag about actually. Just that I use this blog as a journal, so that I remember what had happened during Justin's growing up. :-D