Saturday, November 20, 2010

A Period of Silence

My last entry was a month ago. I'd gone through a period of silence in this blog. The truth is, too many things happened within a month and I was completely drown in it. 

Thing has turn bad to worse in my work place. It's not about workload, it's not about piles of paperwork and upcoming international event that I got involved in. Many of us are already acclimatized to tight schedules and heavy work load.  It's the management and their unethical moves that had tarnished staff's respects toward them. Worst still, many staff had lost their desire to work there. Going to work is like dragging yourself to a place that you hate. 

Imagine this: 
You're forced to move, you were given many beautiful promises. You moved. No promises ever come true. We persevered. They don't even care.

Then they forced us to merge. No respect shown. Then forced us to move. No mover provided. No support of anything given. No humility shown. We got to get our own boxes, pack by ourself, moved the things all by ourself. Those who don't have the physical strength to carry things by themselves had hired mover, with their own pocket. Those people couldn't care less.

It has been a nightmare for many. I tried my best to stay positive, but failed. I seek refuge under God's arms but I just can't get over with myself. I prayed. I grudged and struggled through. 
I was bitter at times, and grudged over what had happened. Somehow, God gave me this advice: 'Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good' (Romans 12:21). This verse stuck in my mind and God have repeatedly telling me this over and over again. I find it difficult to do good to them. Honestly, I hated this feeling. But God had assured me, "And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him.." (Romans 8:28)

I shall persevere. I believe God is preparing something great for me. Amen.


eqbalzack said...

sabar josh...rezeki ada di mana2...(^_~)

Josh said...

[eQ] Hi eQ, thanks bro. Memang betul rezeki ada di mana-mana. Josh pun tengah cari 'greener pasture'. Setakat ni belum dapat offer yg bagus dan sesuai dengan Josh. Anyway, I believe that perseverance will bring joy in then end.

How's your PhD preparation?

CathJ said...

Oh man.... That is such a hassle... but just hold on to the last phrase..

God is preparing something great.. :D

sangai biru said...

kuat doc..semangat!!..dugaan buat kita jadi lagi kental..kdg2 hujan dtg lebat smp kita mengeluh x nampak matahari..rupanya Dia nk hadiahkan keindahan pelangi..(^^)


sian josh..sabar ye..

Josh said...

[CJ] I will! and Thanks for the encouragements :-D

[Sangai Biru] Kan! thanks for the words, memang tengah dok tunggu pelangi tu. :-P

[Putu] Thanks. Tengah cuba nak sabar nih.

ainmuttaqin said...

sabar-sabar...kesian u. teruk la diorang nie. First I thought things become better there, unfortunately it's turnout worst!!kena cepat-cepat angkat kaki Josh..any good news from fst???

Josh said...

[Ain-ain] Tu la. Semakin teruk. No, no news yet. Hope to get feedback from them.

Rachel Chin SF said...

I believe God is preparing something great for you. AMEN!

azizi said...

although i do not like this mantra
"everything happens for a reason", but till now, i have no dispute but believe that, there is a reason.
God will always be with you, a good person like you.

Josh said...

[Rachel] Amen!! do pray for me. I need more wisdom and perseverance.

[GG] Thanks. Yup, God work for the good of those who love Him. There must be a reason. :-D

Saa Bello said...

OMG...they did that again!!!

when things are hard for me..i always read this..thought i should share it:
"You will embark on a fair sea,
and at times there will be
fair weather, but not always.
You will meet storms and
overcome them.
You will take it in turns to
steer your boat through fair
weather and foul. Never lose
Save harbor awaits you in
the end".
- Daphne Du Maurer
God will always guide and be with you Sir...

Josh said...

[Salihu] Thanks a million. Very sweet of you to share. I shall overcome the storm and be strong :-D