Saturday, September 11, 2010

Surprises Everyday

Everyone love pleasant surprises, but nothing beat the surprises that Baby Justin gave to mama and papa. At only nine months old, he surprised mama by climbing up the staircase even before he know how to stand up straight. A week later, he started to clap hands, thanks to the educational video that he watch every now and then. And a few days later, of all the words that we taught him, he chose 'mum mum' to be his first words while we gave him his favourite biscuit.

The Raya holiday gave me chance to snap more picture of his 'daily life'. He gave me more surprises. While still struggling to walk and constantly demanding to be 'freed', he would roam around the house by himself, refuses anyone to carry him. He's constantly active. Then papa took him to the garden, and let him sit on the grass. To my surprises, he started to examine every little details of the grasses, leaves, and small creatures that came along his way. 
Justin love gardens. I think he loves greenery like his papa. Everytime when he refuses to eat at the dining table, we would take him out to the garden and he would finish up the bowl of porridge in no time, grinning. 

Today, he decided to scrawl under the dining table and chairs. I let him. Then I grabbed my camera, ready to get some shots of him crawling. Suddenly, he grabbed the grill of the window, stood up and started making sound..'oooo, oooooo..... ooooooo.....' Apparently there was a cat out side. 

Suddenly, he grabbed the grill firmly, lift his right leg, wanting to climb up the window. Ooooooo NO, no time for photo snapping. I quickly got behind him and said 'Becareful Justin'. He grinned, stepped down and hugged me. That's another surprise. His feet are not strong enough to stand up by himself just yet. 

Well, the holiday is spent entirely at home. But it's definitely a well spent one. 



CathJ said... cute... just look at his little tip toe... cute...

Josh said...

[CJ] thanks. O ya, the third photo, the tip toeing is cute :-D

Pg Hj Saiful Rizal said...

tip toeing huh.. heheh.. mmg cute, rasa nak geget2 jer kaki dia

Saa Bello said...

O.M.G...sooo cute!!!
"Making sounds, apparently there was a cat outside" dts amazing and very smart. Baby justin never seize to amaze me...was taking a time out with my thesis,, and here i am happy hes growing smart and healthy:-)

Josh said...

[Rizal] hahaha... indeed, geram jer tengok. hahaha

[Salihu] Thank you very much.
Yah, Justin is a smart boy and pick up very fast. Hope this entry give you some inspirations in you thesis writing. :-D


clever boy..dah besar anak papa ni

Josh said...

[Putu] Thanks Auntie Putu!

budleee said...

awwww... so comel..

ooo ooo oo oo


Josh said...

[Budlee] A'ah, the ooo-ing was interesting actually. Wait until he can meow, it's gonna be more fun. hahaha