Thursday, May 28, 2009

Gift From Inah

Fellow blogger Inah the micronucleus girls was back in town for her short holiday recently. And i got the chance to meet up with her together with fellow blogger Lily and her husband Nurman over a satay dinner. Blogger Danial Ma was there too.

The dinner was sort of like a 'kill two birds with one stone' thingy. The gathering was meant as a meet-up, and for me to pass the gift to Lily and Nurman for their wedding. They got married a couple of months ago but I couldn't present myself there then. The wedding gift was long prepared, kept in my store room, waiting for the time to meet up so that i can pass it to them.

Inah got me some souvenirs from down under. Thanks Inah!

For more details of the gathering, please click on to Lily's entry HERE.

Oh ya, one thing worth mention, Lily still got her newly-wed glow, sweet as ever. And Nurman seems to be 'bigger' nowaday (Good job, Lily).


Lily.Lulu said...

hahahahaha !!!!
nurman getting sihat and more sihat now a days


thanks for the lovely wedding gift josh !! i like it so much !!

and thank u also for the dinner !! yum yummmmmm !!!

mazddaud said...

suke nye ati dapat hadiah...:-)

Inah said...

no worries uncle josh!! thanks for the dinner too :)

uncle josh nampak makin ceria la..apa rahsianya??

:: NbC :: said...

ala, tingat satay.. huhu

ainmuttaqin said...

bila yer org tu nak ajak saya mkn sate kajang ye? org jauh dia ajak org dekat dia lupa.. kan..kan..kan..

Josh said...

[Lily] You did a great job! hahaha...
Welcome, welcome, welcome.

[Maz] Memang! siapa yg tak suka gift?? Maz nak bagi Josh ker?? ;-P

[Inah] Rahsia?? takde pun. Tapi ceria is a motivation to be happy in life.

Josh said...

[Pinky] Dejavu? jom jom!

[Ain-ain] Aiyooooo..... orang dekat selalu lupa kat kita pun ;-P kan? kan? Jom, kita ajak itu Aja, pastu kita korek rahsia. nak?

Anak Jawa said...

apa ni??? setakat gambar fridge magnet jerrr... mana pic peluk2 peti ais!???

syukur said...

Being "BIGGER" after marriage scares me away...ha ha..anyway Josh how come u can maintain ??

Josh said...

[AJ] Cikgu, blog kita rate U yer, peluk-peluk tu x sesuai untuk kanak-kanak. hahahaha

[Syuk] Geing 'bigger' after marriage tu bukan semua case yerr. I believe for your case, sure x jadi bigger, but fitter. kan?
Josh maintain? takde lah, erm.. kita gi gym sekali sekala je. hehee