Thursday, March 5, 2009

Glorious Food in Penang

There're a few things worth mentioned during my trip to Penang last week. Beside the excitement of meeting up with bloggers, what else but food? hehehe.

We had nasi kandar on our first night. When talk about nasi kandar, the Kayu Nasi Kandar is always recommended by the local without fail.

The food was great. Their curry and thick spicy gravy were our (or mine) favourite. Superliciously yummy. The grin of satisfaction on our face tells it all.

We ordered curry chicken. It may look plain, but the taste was marvelous! And the chicken was so tender.

The fried squid. Just so-so. Nothing much to brag about.

This one was interesting. Grounded chili stir fried and mixed with crumbs. Interestingly fragrant!

Of course, beside these dishes, we ordered some gravies and vegie too. I got so disappointed with the vegie. But what the heck, mamak restaurant were never good in preparing vegie.

On the second day, we went all the way to Gurney Drive. The heavy traffic had spent us 40 minutes on the road. Aiyooo...
What to eat at Gurney Drive? Everyone unanimously suggest pasemborg (pasembuk). A dish with mixed varieties of fish cakes, crackers, squids, vegie, noodles, served with thick and spicily sweet gravy on top.

Our thousand thanks to Suhaimi and Nazz to lead us there. Otherwise the journey may take longer than that.

The pasemborg was fantastic. But to some, the gravy was a bit too sweet. As for me, It's nice. But the price is rather expensive. I spent RM10 for that plate, thanks to a huge piece of fried squid.

I would like to thank Nazz for his wonderful gift. Some malay snacks from his kampung. TENKIUUUU Nazz!

O, ya, he gave me some sweet corn too. Also from his kampung. Very Sweet!!!

I felt that we didn't have much time to explore the Pearl of the Orient to the fullest. I think we should spend more time there in our next visit. Probably i can spend more time with the bloggers and have dinner together. Kan Maz?


nazzman ibrahim said...

dah makan ke kuih dengan jagung tu!!

masih manis lagi ke jagung tu josh??bukan apa takut tak manis dah sbb dah 2 hari baru josh balik kl

Josh said...

[Nazz] Josh suka sangat kuih yang dibuat daripada tepung kacang hijau tu. Apa nama ntah. Very the sedap! Jagung tu manis!! semalam dah makan satu. Ada lagi 4 kat peti sejuk. hehehe


nazzman ibrahim said...

hmmm entahlah nazz tak tahu sangat nama2 kuih ni...

Anak Jawa said...

rasanya nama kuih tuu putu kacang ler josh

Josh said...

[Nazz] Cikgu AJ dah tolong jawabkan.

[AJ] Betul ke tu Cikgu??? Putu kacang ngan Putu bambu, maner cantik? maner sedap?


Putu bambu le cantik..! ekekke.. (tolong jawab)

i loveeeeeeeee pasemboq tau Josh..nanti nak mintak Axim or Chen-Chen belanja...hehehe..

Anak Jawa said...

putu bambu ler lg cantik sbb dia blh mengandung...

ermm menjawab soalan tak??? hehehehe

Josh said...

[Putu] hehe pandai Putu jawab! Memang cantik!
O peminat pasemborg yer. Mintak ngan Chen.

[AJ] ishhhhh..... Betul ke jawapan tu?? Cubit kang!

mazddaud said...

ya betullll!!! nanti mai lagi tau..;-)

Faisal said...

Datang penang tak kasi tau? Bagus!!!!!! Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh