Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Decision That May Change My Life

Though my life seems to be calm and happy, I didn't enjoy working at my current work place after an event that caused me to be in a period of silence last year. I'd promised myself to persevere and stay on until mid of this year, for the sake of my students.

After working in this place for the past 7 years, I'd learnt the value of true friendship and had seen the dark side of people hungry for power and fame. Along this journey, I'd gained many friends and had produced many students that had and still make me very proud. I called this a bitter-sweet journey.

Somehow, there's this strong urge within me to end this journey and move on to a new one. I listened to my inner voice, and prayed to God for guidance. Abraham showed his faith to God and in return He blessed him with a great nation. As I pray for guidance, God said 'have faith in me, just go, and I'll bless you'. With that, I made my decision to end this journey, and walk into a new one. Somehow, I felt calm and comforting as I make this decision even though my future is still uncertain. I think I'd made the right choice.

However, there're some responsibilities and tasks that are still pending. My colleagues and I are in the middle of writing a book. There're still lots of work to be done. I give myself another two months to complete the job.

Meanwhile, Justin Boy is fast growing up. He is more independent now, and would spend time doing things that he enjoy, all by himself. Justin has always been one of the factor that influence my decision making, especially pertaining to my future career.
It's final, I'm gonna hand in my resignation letter today, giving my institution a two-months notice before I leave. Where would I go? It's still an uncertainty.


~ashikinZainurdin~ said...

future is a mystery for us... anyway..good luck sir..u r always my fav and best lecturer i ever know. u can come to ukm../:)

MaryaYusof said...

Sometime we need to step outside. Get some air & remind ourself of who we are & who we want to be....good luck & all the best...

Huda.Hafiz said...

Unisel gonna be in a great loss without u Dr.Yap. Such a waste of great lecturer. Even though I only have the privilege to be your student for 2semester, your lecture and the way you projected the knowledge to us still gave a huge impact on my life until now. I never met a better teacher, guidance and lecturer since. I hope u don't have much worries about your future career since all of us(your students) have so much believe in you and we just knew that u will be alright and any institution that got a chance to have you after this will be so lucky!! Good luck Dr.Yap :')

azizi said...

all the best Josh.
your bright future is waiting outside ;-)

Josh said...

[Shikin] Thanks. UKM? maybe. :-D

[Marya] Thanks for the inspirational words. Indeed i need to walk out and take some fresh air. Thanks for reading my blog too.

[Huda] That's very nice of you giving those words of encouragement. I don't need luck, for I've got the supports and blessing from my friends and great students like you all. :-D

Josh said...

[Cikgu Jiji] Thanks. O, it's really bright and shine outside until i'm sweating in my room :-P

ABANG BEAR said...

Joshhh.... OMG... akhirnya kan..

CathJ said...

All the best.. ;)


well..it's tough to make this kind of decision kan josh..


all the best to you Josh..!

ingat ye..rezeki tu ada di mana2..

Josh said...

[Abg Bear] A'ah, finally. Thanks Bang.

[CJ] Thank you very much. *I'm sure you're having fun with your second baby. :-D

[Putu] thanks for the kind words. :-D

sizuka said...

dr yap.

u know what..
saya dan rakan2 pernah berbincang mengenai Biotechnology major of plant.

and kami bersependapat yang tanpa Dr Yap.. Plant Biotech tue 'kosong'

only u yang betul2 layak untuk ajar kami..
and thanks god.. saya dapat gak blaja dgn dr yap..

and now..

may all student of plant biotech get their 'star' of study..

Josh said...

[Sizuka] Those are such kind words! I'm deeply touched. I just hope that I'd made an impact in your life. All the best to your work.