Thursday, June 9, 2011

Clearing Up My Accumulated Annual Leaves

Resignation of my current job requires me to give two month notice. It's kinda long, but it does not matter much to me. Over the years working here, I'd accumulated 54 days of annual leaves. Even if i take leave for the entire two months of resignation notice, it's only 42 days (Rugi tak ambik cuti sebelum ni :-P ). This also imply that I'm already on leave :-D

Though on leave, I'm not in a hurry to look for other job, just yet. Instead, I spent time on things that requires my attention and matters that I enjoy doing. Here're the list:

1. Spending quality time with Justin Boy.

I got the chance to spend more daytime with him and to join him in his daily activities. He explores the house from the moment he awake from his sleep, all the way to the moment he close his eyes as he goes to bed at night. He picked up new words everyday. Now he's under a stringent training program. The potty training :-P (Boy.... it's though to potty train him.)

2. Monitoring the renovation of our new house.
The renovation is due to complete this month. The built in cabinets and the kitchen furnishing is on the way. The water feature is also in the process of completion. Lots of checklist to be completed. But my wife and I are enjoying every single bit of it.

3. Completing the Banana Monograh.
My colleagues and I are in the final stage of completing the banana monograph that we're working on since February 2011. It's a tough job and rather mind exhausting. But we are enjoying the process. Each of us do our part, and we meet up every week to compile and to edit them together. We called ourselves the Banana group, and I'm certainly gonna miss the team members after this. Hopefully we'll have more collaborations in the future.

Beside the activities above, I also do shopping and a bit of cooking. Ahh........ I'm enjoying my life now. Can i be a house husband? :-P


Abg Bear said...

Erghhhh santaiii Josh... santaiii... meh ke KK panjat gunung hujung bulan nih... nak tak??

Ayu Nizam said...

Can i be a house husband? :-P

*joint me Dr. Yap... hahhaha! leh tukar2 resepi kahkahkahhhhh!

CathJ said...

good to hear.. :)


wahh....byknya cuti joshhhhhh!

sedekah sikit cuti josh barang seminggu-dua kat putu boleh tak? ekekke..

okaylah tu..byk activity buat daripada duduk diam je..
nanti tambah lemak..tambah kolestrol.. lain pulak yg datang

josh..dah duduk rumah hari2 tu kan.. bolehlah layan AFC channel.. nanti belajar masak best2.. tepek ah kat blog ni.. hehehhe

Josh said...

[Abg Bear] Kalo ikut naluri Josh, memang Josh teramat minat untuk join panjat gunung. Sebab Josh suka aktiviti camtu. But hujung bulan ni Josh sibuk ngan rumah baru. Target nak pindah hujung bulan enam atau awal bulan tujuh. Rindu KK. :-D

[Ayu] Kaaaaaan! errr.... tapi Josh takde resepi best-best. :-P

Josh said...

[CJ] Thanks!!

[Putu] Ambik lah cuti Josh yg lebih-lebih tu. Ambik lah :-D
AFC?? amende tu? Josh takde Astro kat rumah lar. Tak pernah subscribe Astro. :-D