Monday, May 2, 2011

The Walk Begins

Two months ago, when Justin boy was 15 months old, prefers crawling then walking. Walking was a great challenge for him. Yet he found walking very fascinating.
And now, 17 months old, he roams the house, walking. Putting on his red backpack is his favourite :-D

Time really flies. Justin boy is learning new things (and practice them) everyday. With the stress at work, coming home to play with him is a good remedy.


CathJ said...

Oh my... Now can walk already...

Now it's my turn to wait for this moment again.. ^_^..

Josh said...

[CJ] Hahaha... CJ, you'd gone through that once, your second time is waiting. All the best ya :-D


ahyo..samalah ngan baby q..

dah pandai jalan...memanjat... berlari semua ada

jaga dia seorang jek dah letih macam jaga 3-4 org baby lain..huhu

but it was fun.. seeing them walking..

Josh said...

[Putu] Kaaaaan! it's really fun.