Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Playful Justin

Justin turn 4 months old on 23 March. Being a cheerful and happy boy, he would charm you to play with him. In return, he would give you the world most radiant smile and sweetest baby laughters. Without fail, mummy would play with him every day after his morning shower and milk feeding.

Beside being playful, he's rather 'talkative' too. He would coo and make noises when we talk to him. However, he got this habit that most baby have. Sucking hands, fingers, and any object that come close to his mouth.

Even Blue-blue the doggy also fall victim into his sucking habit. Aiyoooooo

Being cheerful and happy is obviously inherited from his parents, tapi tang sucking hands to comes natural takyah ajar. Kan?



how come rambut dia lagi byk daripada Baby Q?

lengan ngan drumstick dia... kalau dapat gigit bestnya..!! hahaha

Josh said...

[Putu] Sebaaaaaaab, ayah dia banyak rambut. :-P
Aiyoooo..... ganas la Auntie Putu nih, Justin takut. hahahah

@xiM said...

waaaaa..cutenya Justin..send my regards to him ok!!

Josh said...

[@xim] Hi Axim, thanks. Will do :-D

Cath J said...

oh wowww... big boy now... cutieee... ^_^

Josh said...

[CJ] oh yes, he's a big boy now. Thanks :-D
Soon he'll be running around the house just like your darling boy.