Friday, April 9, 2010

Apple and Laughter

With inconsistency in bowel movements, the pediatrician advised us to feed baby Justin some fruits. She suggested red apples. We cut the apple into half, and scrapped the fruit flesh with a teaspoon. We feed him two to three teaspoons a day for a start. Baby Justin loved it.

That was two weeks ago. Now, baby Justin enjoyed half an apple a day. He's healthier now, and very cheerful. A very happy boy he is.

Ever since he turned 4 months old, he refused to lie down on his crib most of the time. Instead, he demanded to to seated or to be carried upright. But since he's still too young to sit up-right for too long, we put him on the seat instead. He would use his best 'weapon' to attract your attention. Not screams, not cries, not noises either, but his sweetest charming smile. Even grandma (my mother-in-law) couldn't resist to spend some time with him.

We constantly look up to God our heavenly Father with prayers of thanksgiving. Indeed Justin is the best gift He had given us so far. The constant attention demanded and the interrupted sleeps at night mean nothing when compared to the joy of having this gem in our life.

More challenges of baby up-bringing coming up. We do pray for wisdom and strength from Him. Justin, papa and mama love you.


ainmuttaqin said...

Ala cute nye this handsome boy! dah boleh makan epal..An apple a day keeps the doctor away.Rindu zaman ada baby kecik dulu..

Josh said...

[AIn-ain] A'ah, dah boleh makan epal. That's true, an apple a day keeps the doctors away. But not the Dr. like u and me. hahaha..
Apa lagi, MAKE another one. hahaha

:: NbC :: said...

gerammmmmmmmmnye aunty tgk Justin ni



your papa's frens also loves you dear..

be a good boy okay..! n stay comel..

Josh said...

[Pinky] Geram sampai nak cubit-cubit and gigit-gigit?? hahahaha.. Meet him in person, your heart will melt. hehehe

[Putu] Tenkiu Auntie Putu :-D

budleee said...


kecik2 dh suka tgk camera :D

shilawali said...

Hahaha ... sooo cute. Mengada-ngada lah Justin tu

Josh said...

[Bud] indeed. Sejak kecik lagi, everytime i point the camera at him he will pose and stare into the lens. hehehe

[Puan Lala] Memang la cute, kan papa dia cute jugak.
Takde ngada-ngada, he's just being natural. hehehehe
*sure ada orang kata kita ni perasan, kan?