Monday, March 15, 2010

Honey Laling's Wedding Banquet

Our dear friend Honey Laling got married recently and we were invited to an extravagant wedding banquet at a famous Japanese Restaurant at One World Hotel, the Kura Restaurant.

Name of guests were specifically labelled with two ferrero Rochers as appetizer. :-D

Actually, the japanese restaurant was not designed for banquet. It contain various private rooms with different decoration. They'd never done any wedding banquet and would not do any in the future, but since the manager is the bride's brother, they'd loosen up their stringent regulations. Though the wedding couple were worried about the space and the in-availability of hall, the dinner turned out to be very nice and extra-ordinary.

The newly wed couple made their grand entrance with simplicity. Nicely done.

The guests were all excited with great anticipation. All seated anxiously to wait for the surprises. After all, no one had held wedding banquet under such setting before. Judging from the facial expressions and radiant smiles of all who'd turned up, i guess the dinner was excellent and memorable.

To my delight, a few of my favourites were served in the dinner. The unagi sushi and sushi with avocado toppings were so yummilicious that I had 6 pieces in a go!

I was told that this plate of sushi was not cheap. I checked the price on the menu outside, it was a shocking RM68. Gasps...

The special chawanmushi was so delicious that I wish they would serve two helpings per person. The price was RM20 per cup. Gasps again..... no wonder they serve one cup only :-P

The cold mini soba was one of the best i'd ever had. Beautifully done with smooth soba cooked to perfection. Yummy.....

Aahhhh..... this was what I'd waited for the whole night! Their famous stuffed strawberry ice-cream with green tea ice-cream. Yoooooooooooooooooo!! so slurpy yummy super duper delicious that i'd actually asked for a second helping, and they responded to my request with smile. Yeaaay.

The dinner was definitely memorable. The food was super delicious, the decor was fun and mood lifting, and the entire wedding banquet was full with surprises.

Happy and blessed wedding to Honey Laling and her Darling. May God bless you both abundantly and your family fill with joy and grace.


Cath J said...

very nice place..

Josh said...

[CJ] oh yes, it's a very nice place!! u should try, if you like Jap food lah.

Air said...

gulp...Sedapnya makanan2 nie..esp green tea ice cream tu..

Josh said...

[Air] Memang sedap. Ice-cream tu memang my favourite!

Air said...

Pasni Dr Yap kene try Wasabi ice Cream..Sedap juga bahaya la crite psl makan nie..nnti mengidam plak :p