Monday, March 8, 2010

Chit-chatting with Justin

I have always looking forward to weekends, especially Saturday. It's the only day that i can allow myself to goleking in bed until 8.30 or 9.00am. The rest of the days requires me to wake up by 6.45am.

Anyway, it's not the goleking that i look forward to on Saturdays. Rather it's the only time i can lazying on the bed with Justin and wife. You see, Justin is always in good mood in the morning after a good night rest. He would respond to our speeches with various sounds as if we're chit-chatting. Lets watch the video below:

Well, it's priceless. I enjoyed every single moment of it. That's the joy of fatherhood.


azizi said...

i am trying to decipher what justin was saying.

"papa, i mau tidorlah papa"
"papa, mana awek justin yg papa cakap tu"
"papa gosok gigilah dulu ...."

ha ha ha ...
justin is so adorable. and lovely. :-)

Cath J said...

That was SSOOOOO sweeeet!!!! ^_^


Justin cakap

'Papa, you sudah gosok gigi ke? itu mulut ada bau tau..! '


Josh said...

[Azizi] waaaa..... pandai lah Cikgu Azizi ni. Patut la Justin macam nak complain jer. :-P
Ya, he's so adorable now. Can't wait to get back home everyday :-)

[CJ] Thanks! Sooooo sweet like his DADDY :-P

[Putu] Aik?? gitu?? Errrr... Putu, how u know??

kak ja said...

Dearest Justin,


Josh said...

[Kak Ja] Aaaaauuuuuuuwwwwwwww Auntie Aaaauuwwwww.... *jawab Justin.


Josh, i know lah..
i've got sixth sense.. ekkeke