Monday, August 10, 2009

Tenom and The Coffee

I was away again last week. My destination was Tenom and Keningau of Sabah. As soon as I got to know that I'll be evaluating students in these two places, I googled and found out that they are very far inland. Both are situated along the Crockers Ranch of Sabah, and driving to these places take 3 to four hours, depend on your driving skill. My first meal here in Sabah, a quick lunch at Papar, a small town along the way to Tenom. I had Nasi Ayam Rica-rica: fried chicken with hot and sour belancan sauce. Nice.

I intended to rent a car and drive myself but was strongly opposed by local friends, as the road was too windy and hilly for those who're not familiar with the road. With the help of a friend, he managed to get me a taxi for three days two night at RM600, including visit to interesting places. En. Masdir was his name.

Basically Tenom is a very small town. It took me a mere 10 minutes to cover the whole town by foot.

This is a statue of a well known warrior, Ontoros Antanom.

The lifestyles of the people here are pretty laybacked.

The was the best hotel in town. I put a night there at only RM44 per night. Huge room, king-sized bed, hot shower, air-conditioned and TV were provided.

At night, the town was really quiet. This was the only place with human activities: the restaurants. At 9.00pm, the town is dead.

With nothing much to do, I tried their coffee at various shops.

Tenom is known for it's aromatic coffee. With majority of the farmers planting coffee, coffee powder production company can be found easily. But the famous coffee were from only two major company. This was one of them.

To get fresh and good quality powder, my taxi driver took me to a factory. Vast choice of coffee powder were available. Since many friends and colleagues texted me to get them Tenom coffee, i bought a box full of coffee. The tauke was grinning from ear to ear.

Strangely, a small and plain looking berry like these are capable of making people crazy world wide. A sniff of these aromatic drinks would drive a person to heaven, literally.

I was told that Tenom is also known for the white water rafting activities. Too bad that I could only spend a night there. I headed to Keningau the next day.


Anak Jawa said...

satu2nya benda yg AJ ingat bila sebut Tenom ialah Empangan Tenom Pangi (aiyooo Geografi sgt. hahahaha)

ainmuttaqin said...

kopi O kurang manis satu!!untuk saya takde ke??wink..wink...teh sabah tak beli??yg ada flavour geranium tu plg sedap..bila minum rsa aroma herb dia..lupa la kirim kt josh..flavour yg tu takde jual kt sni..huhuhu

azizi said...

i was there.
and i did that white water rafting. it was great. and i did enjoy that train ride. - owh mine, i wish i could be there again. tranquil, like sort of time and space became into one.

Josh said...

[AJ] Amboi cikgu! bagus, bagus, teruskan usaha yer.. hehe

[Ain-ain] Aiseyyyy.... naper tak bagitauuu...
Tapi kopi Tenom memang fragrant!

[Azizi] fuyooo, white water rafting! naper tak ajak?? hahaha
I didn't even got the time to try the train ride. Must go there again.

@xiM said...


xanthus said...

The picture of ur coffee cherry make me think of the KOPI LUWAK-The most expensive coffe in the world which i had ever introduced in my blog lastime.I hope that I'll be capable 2 drink it in my future as a coffee lover..haha!

Josh said...

[Axim] ANYTIME!! hehe. Pergi lah Axim, it's a beautiful place.

[xanthus] I'd never tried kopi luwak myself. Not that i don't dare, but it's never seen the coffee. Will try if I got the chance. Love coffee.

xanthus said...

Ya!Not everywhere can get it,but i think it's available in indonesia since Indonesia is the country of origin.But it also available in some 5 star hotel.The most interesting is u will be given a certificate of authentication if u order Kopi Luwak~It's wonderful!Haha!

Josh said...

[xanthus] ooo, ic. I'm not rich enough to go to 5-star hotels. hahaha

xanthus said...

Haha!i oso watched from the show only..