Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Kota Kinabalu (Part 1) - Eat, eat, eat!

After spending a night at Keningau, I travelled to Kota Kinabalu the next day. My stay in Kota Kinabalu was short too, 26 hours to be exact. But the short stay was packed with various activities. To start with, FOOD!

Makan-makan 1: Afternoon snacks ~ Lokan Panggang
The stall was just situated by the roadside. Nothing fancy about the stall. No clear signage or what so ever and one would easily missed it. But behold, interesting (and yummy) food awaits. The lokan panggang. The kakak grilled the fresh lokans until the shell split open. Then she removed the upper shell and continued grilling.

I don't know about the rest, but i was anxious and eager to taste the much-talked-about lokan panggang. While waiting, we ordered young coconut drinks. The BBQed coconut drink was specifically fragrant.

Generous amount of chili paste (sambal) was garnished on top of the grilled lokans and tadaaaaaaaaa.....

Slurps, i would love to have more. Just a reminder if you wanna taste this seafood, do choose the medium or smaller size as the bigger ones were a bit tough.

Makan-makan 2: Heavy Dinner ~ Gayang Seafood Restaurant
Right after having lokan panggang, we headed to Gayang Seafood Restaurant for dinner. It's situated at the estuary of a river.

Kononnya dah kenyang dan tanak order banyak-banyak, tapi sekali order..... Mak Aiiii.......we ordered eight dishes in all. Here's the list: Steam prawn with chili sauce, stir-fried pucuk manis, crispy fried chicken, fu-yong egg, ginger onion scallops, mixed seasonal vegetables, steam fish nonya style, and spicy crabs.

This dish was my favourite, the ginger onion scallops. So tender and sweet!!

Two local friends joined in a bit later: Mail and Jiji (if I got their name correctly).

Boy, the dinner was heavy. We headed to Dr. Shah and Beruang Madu's apartment and had some rest before ronggenging to a karaoke nearby for some lalaking activity.

We sang, err.. they sang and i listened till 2am. Pengsan terus bila sampai rumah.

Makan-makan 3: Breakfast ~ local noodles
My local friend cum ex-church member Mr. Lau called early in the morning. i dragged myself up at 7.15am and went for a sumptuous breakfast with him. We ordered TomYam Kung KK style: they added some curry into the tomyam. Tasted unique and very appetizing.

The Tuaran noodle, only known for the local Chinese, were hand made, boiled, decanted and mixed with fragrant sauce. Yummy!

Oh yah, I joined Dr. Shah, Hairie and his mum and Arnabgumuk for another round of breakfast, nasi lemak.


P/S. Too much of makan-makan, so the reduce the accumulated fat, more fun activities in my next entry ~ sweat sweat sweat!


ainmuttaqin said...

rasa cm familiar je tmpt mkn lokan tu..otw to gayang kan..somewhere in tuaran kan??should try puding kelapa as well..sedaap sgt..yummy!!

@xiM said...

this entry makes me wanna fly to KK as sson as possible later..wait for me yaaa abang beruang ngan Doktor Shah!!

Josh said...

[Ain-ain] Tu la tempatnyer! Haritu kononnya nak simpan perut untuk dinner, tu yg tak try puding dia tu. Manyak lugi o...

[Axim] U should, u should!

azizi said...

luckily, this one didn't seduce me. ;-) .....
errrrr.... but the tuaran noodle does! does it halal?

[danial][ma] said...

hej! josh...interesting the grilled lokan and i want that turan noodles too...;-)

ainmuttaqin said...

aiya josh nk dh smpai kg sableh la tu..tmpt mkn lokan tu mmg best kan..kalau balik kg kami msti singgah mkn lokan (timung in bhasa bajau)n puding kelapa..sedaapnya..

Cath J said...

Owww.... I missed this 1... just came bck from KK too...But I did not tried this... T_T

Josh said...

[Azizi] no intention to seduce you with the food anyway. hahaha
About the Tuaran Noodle, it's basically home made noodle and seafood. Ingredient wise, it's halah lah, but don't know if there's any 'hidden' ingredient.

[Danial] Yah, I love the lokan panggang. Very juicy. The sambal make the difference.

Josh said...

[Ain-ain] Ooo, patut ler satu member tu asyik sebut timung je... nama lokan tu rupanya. Aiyoo... manyak lugi tala try itu puding.

[CJ] Aisey, baru balik dari KK ker? Tak bagitau pun. I'm sure you had been enjoying lokan panggang for as long as you live. Lucky you.

:: NbC :: said...


nyesal lagi buka entry ni.. hehe

the noodle looks tempting, nak..!

Jovial Diamond said...

Dr Yap,
jgn mkn byk2 nnt perut buncit (dengki sebenarnyer....)

Anak Jawa said...


Josh said...

[Pinky] Hahahaha, buka-buka blog Josh terus menyesal yer? hahaha kesian Pinky.
Noodle tu memang sedap! Tapi tak nampaklah kat gerai2 lain melainkan gerai Chinese.

[Cik Diamond] Ehem ehheeeeeeeem. Perut buncit pun ramai gak yg sukaaaaa (alasan tanak diet) hahahaha

[AJ] Cikgu, apa yg meriah??

kak ja said...

Kja cuma ada 3 perkataan nak ckp kat sini.. KJA SANGAT JELES!!

Kembara Musafir said...

aiyooo....!!! on a serious note : dah check your level of cholesterol lately...? makaaaannn...! bagaikan nak puasa setahun...!! haha... careful dude, kang jadik mcm Dr Shah kita yg semput tuh... tup tup, hospitalized (ada sekali tuh)... Mrs Josh gak yg susah kang...!
(hehe... still convincing myself that it is not a "jeles" motivated comment)

Josh said...

[Kak Ja] Josh pun ada 3 perkataan je... KJA SANGAT CANTIK!! (hahahaha... takde kaitan)

[Kingkong] Seriously, Josh buat blood test and check blood pressure, ok jer semua. Makaaaannn untuk perjalanan yang jauhhhh.
Yah, ingat jugak time Dr. Shah masuk wad tu.. kesian dia.
Don't worry, Mrs Josh jaga pemakanan Mr. Josh.
Erm..... I'm sure you're not jeles, you're not the type of people who get jealous easily, kan? kan?

kok@un said...

keep eating... nice.