Friday, August 21, 2009

Kota Kinabalu (Part 2) - Sweat, sweat, sweat!

Managed to set foot on two cultural places in Kota Kinabalu during my short stay. KK is rather hot during this dry season. Visiting these two places really requires good toleration of heat. To counter to the problem, one should visit these places either early in the morning or late afternoon. However, the fun and excitements were way surplus the hot weather.

Cultural Experience (1) ~ Kampung Warisan (Heritage Village)

This fascinating cultural village is only two stone-throws away from Dr. Shah's place. RM2 per entrance. The place is beautiful and I love the lily pond very much!

Houses of various ethnics are on display here. Many of them are very similar to those of Iban longhouse and others found in Sarawak.

We particularly love this house, the Murut Longhouse. Lots of handicraft were on sales in the longhouse. And behold, a huge wooden 'trampoline' was found within the longhouse. The 'trampoline' was made of wooden planks joint together and placed on top of three very long tree trunks serve as spring.

One would have to jump on the board and try to touch the decor above. Hairie tried, can't reach. Saya yang lagi rendah lagi lah tak dapat cecah. Instead, I gedik for the camera. hahahaha.

Some of the handicrafts were made on the spot. They're so beautiful, i bought a few.

The Sabah Muzium and the Heritage Village were situated side-by-side. But since we ran out of time, I resolved to snap a shot in front of the Muzium entrance, just to 'prove' that I was there :-P

Cultural Experience (2) ~ Monsopiad Cultural Village

Monsopiad is the name of a famous warrior and head hunter of the Kadazandusun tribe. This cultural village housed a spacious performance stage, a few huts with artifacts and crafts, the House of The Skulls, and some fun traditional games. First of all, we were welcomed with various traditional dances performed by the in-house troop.

Abg bear was invited on-stage to perform the sumpit blowing.

While Hairie and I volunteered to try the bamboo dance. It was FUN!!!

And we got the privilege to take photos with the performers. I love this photo very much!

We moved on to the House of the Skulls. Creepy.

The guide lead us to a play ground and showed us various traditional games. Dr. Shah and I tried walking on stilts. FAILED. (ooops).

Abg Bear tried his 'lastik' skill. Not bad!

Everyone tried the sumpit. Again, I was proven unskilful. Gaya je ada.

Oooo... this one is interesting. Sago worm race! The two sago worms were actually racing, swirling through the spaces between the nails. Abg Bear was gelified. hahahhaa.

Finally, we crossed the river via this suspension bridge. Kinda fun as it sway left to right as we walked across.

More info about this cultural village is available in their official website.

From this cultural village we headed straight to the airport so that i can catch my flight at 6.00pm. Tired and sweaty, i was praying hard that the person seated beside me during the flight would not complain or be disgusted. Both slept soundly throughout the flight. I guess I wasn't smelly..... or too smelly until they fainted??


Kembara Musafir said...

hahaha... too smelly till they fainted...? harusss....!! :D

Kembara Musafir said...

btw, looks very much similar like Sarawak Cultural Village....? do you feel the difference? or you think that it is a "copy" (cetak rompak style...??)?

Cath J said...

Ah-hem.. ah-hem... Helooo 'Kembara Musafir'..... ;-p

Josh said...

[Kingkong] hahahaha I think so too, too smelly.. hahaha
Erm... Sarawak Cultural Village started off in the eighties, while Sabah's Taman warisan starts later.... Erm.... they look similar but the one in Sarawak better :-P, ada lah unsur-unsur copy cat sikit. At least that's how i feel.

[CJ] Sila abaikan comment Josh kepada Kingkong yer, abaikan. hahahahaha

ainmuttaqin said...

i wonder why my husband tak pernah bawa i pegi tmpt nie??why?why?takpe lain kali balik sana i pergi sendiri..hem..

azizi said...

but for the walking-pole thingy, you should put your hands with poles at the back, rather facing forward. it works!
err... gambar josh dengan dancers tu mcm power rangers aja. ;-)

Anak Jawa said...

wahhh, riangnya kanak2 itu bermain. hehehe

budleee said...

haha, such a cool thing to have in the house, the trampoline

Josh said...

[Ain-ain] Tau tak kenape?? Sebab husband Ain-ain tau yg Ain-ain minat SHOPPING, bukan yg cultural, sebab tu la tak bawak. hehehehe...
Dekat je tempat tu, boleh gi visit lain kali.

[Azizi] Erm... Dr. Shah tried that, tak jadi jugak. Need more training la.
FYI, I WAS a power ranger until my tummy went beyond 32 inches. I can't fit into the rubber costume, that's why dia orang tanak Josh dah.

Josh said...

[Aj] Cikgu jangan jeles yerrrrr. Kita kanak-kanak yg makan lokan bakar, jauh lebih riang daripada kanak-kanak ribena.

[Bud] O yes, it would be nice have have such big size trampoline in the house. hahahaha

syukur said...

he he he Josh....byk gambar u dari sudut sisi... bahaya tau ! sebab nampak dimensi yg sedikit besar..he he he just joking !

Josh said...

[Syuk] pasal gambar dari sisi tu, didn't u notice it's done ON PURPOSE.?? hehehehe...

Air said...

wow!.Best2.ramai org sabah pun tak tau kewujudan tmpat nie...