Sunday, April 19, 2009

Relax A Bit

After a week-long tight schedule and heavy workload, all i want to do is to relax a bit over the weekend. The much needed Sabbath.

I'd not been spending quality time in my garden for quite sometime. Indeed there'd been much changes. The purple senduduk flowers like crazy, and the white senduduk will be flowering soon. I'm excited (will blog about the senduduk once the white flower blooms, and I'll explain why I plant them). While the most 'attractive' one goes to this lotus.

Gosh, the lotus flower was so beautiful. It blooms for 24 hours before the petals fall within an hour or two. I would have missed it if I did not spend time there. Why would I need a garden I if don't spend time to enjoy it's beauty?? (Thank you, God!)

Oh ya, it's always enjoyable and rewarding to spend time with friends over a cup of tea at the mamak stall. My wife and I had great time with Mr. Wan and family last night. Come to think of it, it's sort of a luxury to spend time with friends nowaday. Too many things had occupied most of our time, so much so that 90% of our time were spent either in the office or busy with office work.

These relaxing activities were what i could afford for the time being. I really, really need a Loooooonnngggggg holiday after all these crazy schedule ended.


Inah said...

jom holiday!! :)

:: NbC :: said...

Hi Josh,

come over - skrg autumn, sgt cantik

kak ja said...

Pinkyyyy!! Ajak kja sama!!

Kja tau y Josh tanam SENDUDUK.. Berguna sesgt bila Josh cari SENDUK tak jumpa, kan? kan kan kan?

Kan org tua2 (including AJ) ada berkata, "tiada rotan akar pun berguna"...


cuti2 malaysia le josh..

p/s.. DSLR baru sudah beli ke?

Josh said...

[Inah] Er... kalo inah sponsor accommodation, Josh pergi. boleh? hahahaha

[Pinky] Wow.. autumn! sure permandangan teramat cantik sekarang.

[Kak Ja] Aik? nak buat senduk kata Kak Ja?? hahahahah
Ye, betul, AJ pun orang tua-tua.

[Putu] Memang Josh nak cuti-cuti Malaysia. bulan depan.
Er... DSLR belum sempat beli. Nanti hujung bulan kot.

ainmuttaqin said...

org tua2 kata kalu pokok senduduk wrna putih blooming tu mknanya ada org bunian tumpang lalu..hihihi,,
jom cuti2..

Josh said...

[Ain] aiyoo.... org bunian lalu?.... what does it mean?? baik ke buruk??

Joooommmm Cutiii!!!!

ainmuttaqin said...

tu kena tnya ofis mate josh la..susah nk explain kt sni..burung2 kakak tua msti bole jwb punye..

Josh said...

[Ain-ain] takut burung kakat tua sekor tu merepek. Ntah apa-apa dia jawab nanti.