Monday, May 10, 2010

Justin and The Pooh

Some update about Justin. He's 5 1/2 months old now. Still active as ever but sometimes refuse to drink milk and don't want to sleep. We really need experienced mum to give advice on this.

Justin learnt how to flip over at the age of 4 1/2 months. Since then, a small mattress is insufficient for him to crawl around. We bought him a queen size latex rubber mattress topper. Wife bought some fabrics and made him the topper cover.

Now the Pooh will keep him company when mum and dad are working :-D

Yeaaayyy..... he'd even posed like the Pooh. hehehe

One thing we noticed about Justin's eyes. He seems to have crossed eyes since birth. We were very concerned and worried that it might be strabismus. The pediatrician we'd consulted said it's perfectly normal for newborn to have crossed eyes as they're not good in focusing yet. However, it's already 5 months. I'd searched through the internet and most said that if babies' eyes are still crossed at the age of 4 months old, they should consult the pediatric ophthalmologist for further treatment. Still, some friends said that their children had the same problem but the crossed eyes were gone when they reach the age of 1 year old. Hm.... who to believe?

Anyway, Justin remain cheerful and playful. Those smiles and cute laughters always melt our heart. If you're an experienced mum or an experienced nanny, or had come across baby problem below, please share your thoughts with us:
1. Baby refuses to drink milk.
2. Baby refuses to sleep.
3. Crossed eyes syndrome.
Ah Josh and wife need your advices :-D


:: NbC :: said...

sorry Justin, aunty couldnt help in giving advice on what daddy asked.

But aunty'd luv to comment on ur cuteness. I'm sure u'll grow up as an encem boy, more than daddy :-P

Cath J said...

Mmm.. Not a good advice here.. But this is what I was advised before..

1. If he doesn't want breast feeding.. well no choice have to go for bottle (Like me).. BUt if he drink milk powder and don't like it.. need to keep on changing the milk until he likes 1.. (Ya costly.. but that's the best advice I had)

2.Refuse to sleep??? Ohh thats weird... but did you ever heard about the baby massage?? There is a way how to massage a baby after bathing... and that will help him ti sleep well..

I never tried (Coz my son.. is a sleeping 'beauty).. ~.@) But I saw in TV before.. may be can google for that..

3. Crossed eyes.. This I advised to keep observed... If its only happen occasionally.. means nothing to worried about.. true that they are trying to learn to focus...

I understand your situation... 1st baby ohhhh...

All the best bro and take care.. ^_^

Cath J said...

cont.. May be after 6mth still have the crossed eyes problem.. I think go for check up again.. ^_^


Boy said...

sooo cute!

Josh said...

[Pinky] Takpe, Justin faham.
And about the cuteness, papa Justin tak kisah, asalkan Justin hensem and well mannered. The credit will still goes to mum and dad. Kan? hehehee

[CJ] Waaa... cikgu bersuara! hehehe Thanks for the advice.
1. Justin is breast fed and bottle fed. The problem is, at times, he's ok and will drink milk any way offered. But probably one in 5 days, he'll only drink 3 to 4 rounds of milk, with 3 to 4 oz each. Tak cukup kan? He just refuse to drink. But other times, it's constant 4oz every 2 to 3 hours.
2. Your boy-boy so nice one, Justin is too playful sometimes, and sleep only around 40 minutes every interval of 3 hours. But at times he sleep for 2 hours during day time, and 7 hours at night.
3. Hmm... the crossed eyes thingy, i shall check with the doctor again.
Thanks again, thank you ssoooooo much for the advices :-D

Josh said...

[Boy] Thanks!

Boy said...

btw no credit goes to Justin's dad :P

Gracie Chia JY said...

sir, according to my mama's babysitting experience, I always saw her using the 'snake water'(tat's the direct translation from mandarin) to clean the mouth of baby because their mouth will always have a layer of whitish things.....have to clean it regularly since he was still so young. after that should be can settle the problem that he refuses to drink milk. Sir may try it as I also don't know whether it is effective on justin or not. :)

Anonymous said...


kok@un said...



waaa....Baby Q also had this kind of problem.. especially doesn't want to drink from bottle..

our solution..(still keep trying once in a while..coz Qaireen ni mmg byk akal sikit dari abg/kakak dia.. selalu ada problem on this matter)

1. Baby refuses to drink milk.
- try to feed him using spoon or syringe

2. Baby refuses to sleep.
-try to make your room as dark as possible... my fren ada sorang dapat problem macam ni..paed dia ajar buat gitu.. petang2 dah gelapkan rumah..tutup langsir semua.. lama-lama okay

3. Crossed eyes syndrome.
-err..this one..aunty putu cannot help le justin..

your daddy & mummy kena tanya org lain.. and bring to paed/ophtamo for this...sorry dear..!

Josh said...

[Boy] Doesn't matter, Justin got my gene. hehehe

[Gracie] Thanks for the suggestions. Wow, u can be a good nanny yourself :-D
We did clean Justin's mouth with that liquid. It doesn't work. Somehow he's quite choosy. I got the problem solved anyway, by keep on changing his 'menu'.

Josh said...

[Kok@un] Thanks.

1. We did that. Letih larr buat camtu. :-P
2. Erm... malam-malam kita tutup lampu puuuun dia masih nak main. Anyway, my wife and i tried to exhaust him by playing with him until he got tired before 8pm. Pastu dia terus tido. hehehe
3. Takpe, auntie putu boleh tolong doakan :-D