Thursday, December 24, 2009

Justin's Full Moon

Time flies. Justin is one month old already. To the Chinese, it's customary for the parents to held a full moon get together for relatives and friends. Or at least give away some goodies (red eggs, traditional chinese kueh, cakes or roasted chicken) to relatives and friends.

I was advised to cut Justin's hair (a bit) just as many other daddy do during full moon. It was kinda difficult so we waited until he's fast asleep.

We didn't have the time to send the goodies from house to house, so we had organised a Full Moon Thanksgiving on 20th December at church instead.

We were overwhelmed with joy when more then 180 guests turned up that night. Indeed there were so many things worth thanksgiving. God is gracious and kind.

Justin was quietly sleeping in mummy's arms throughout the service. It was his first 'out door' trip.

A simple dinner was served after the service. We were truly thankful for our friends, relatives and church members' supports.

Mum flew in from Kuching just for the occasion. And mum was in great joy to see her grandson. And baby Justin slept soundly after the service as mum sang him lullaby.

Over the pass month, relatives and friends came over for a visit and had a glimpse of Justin. Each visit had added up the gifts that had occupied much of our small house's space. Thanks for the gifts my friends.

Hmm.... what am i gonna do with those gifts??


ainmuttaqin said...

wah!dh sebulan umur Justin..jiran sebelah rumah ni tak sempat pi visit lg yek..sory2.hihi..Anyway, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2010.Wish you all the best!

sHaH said...

i always wonder the wonderful world of fatherhood.
u showed yours here n i'm touched by it.
hope to hav my own kids one day.
it's gud that u got a chance to see them growing....

justin is now one month old.
later he's gonna grow up and become a big handsome man..

btw, r u from kuching?

kok@un said...

浩恩, 好听好听!

Josh said...

[Ain-ain] Tak pe Ain-ain, kita masing-masing sibuk sangat. Saya faham. Haritu jumpe ngan Mak Mah, sempat sembang-sembang ngan dia.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you too.

[Shah] Thanks!
Yah, I'm from Kuching, but had been here in KL for more then 20 years.

Josh said...

[kok@un] tenkiu tenkiu.

Cath J said...

Thants a lot of gift!! ^_^..

O my... Times really passes so fast.. Congrats to bot of you...
Happy full moon for Justin.. ^_^

shilawali said...

Wahhh ... Justin suda tembam. Papa Josh plak boleh bukak kedai World of Babies ... suruh Justin jadi tauke

Josh said...

[CJ] A'ah, memang a lot of gifts! Penuh satu rumah. hehehe

[Puan Lala] Mesti la Justin tembam, sebab makan tido makan tido jer (err, termasuk berak dan kencing).
Siapa pelanggan kalo Justin jadi tauke?? Puan Lala nak beli tak?


byknya hadiah Justin..!!

best giler....!
takyah beli stok tuk setahun ni..
and a few items boleh pakai bertahun2 tu..! hehehe

Josh said...

[Putu] a'ah, memang banyak sangat! Putu nak beli tak? Josh bagi diskaun. hahahaha

星蘅。珊特思 said...

HaaHaa~Wat a nice name is that,浩恩=浩瀚+恩典=无限的恩赐。Meaningful indeed!I like it!Haha!Suddenly curious about ur chinese name.Hmm~Haha!

Josh said...

[xanthus] Tenkiu-tenkiu. It took me months to come up with that name.
My chinese name? err... go figure. :-D

星蘅。珊特思 said...

Haha!I like to create Chinese name for babe actually.

I already try 2 figure it out since i noe u for these 2 years.In conclusion,i think is 立文 lor..Simply..Haha!

Josh said...

[xanthus] Waa, panlai!

星蘅。珊特思 said...

Har?Betul ke?Wasei..

catz said...

hi josh,
happy new year 2010.
and congrats ! dah lama tak jenguk kemari, josh dah jadi daddy.
congrats for both of you.
justin tu soooo comel..

Josh said...

[xanthus] yah, wasei. :-D

[Catz] Thanks. Happy New year to you too. :-D