Saturday, October 17, 2009

Three Nieces

By now I'm sure most of you readers who frequent my blog would know that I used to spend time with my 3 nieces. I got more nieces actually, but they're too far away: Three in Singapore, two in Labuan and one in Kuching. Hmm..... boys are rare in my family.

We had dinner together recently, minus their parents :-P

The youngest, Miss R. Used to be very quiet but getting more and more out spoken ever since she started going to child care centre.

The second sister, Miss H. Used to be very chicky and hyperactive but getting more and more 'decent' now a day :-D

And the eldest, Miss A. Used to be an ugly duckling (just joking, hehehe) but getting prettier and prettier now.

The youngest and the eldest got some similarities. Just look at this pic. U can spot them day-dreaming almost everyday, everywhere. Hahahaha..

When talked about our baby, we asked them whether they want a baby boy or a baby girl. They answered 'GIRRRLLL' in unison and i gave them a raise-one-eye-brow look sort of like telling them "Are u kidding? i had enough with u girls, i need a break" hahahaha.... just kidding.

Will take them to a nice dinner and a movie next week. Yah, I love them very much.



cute girls..

Cath J said...

All gal in the house... ^_^

Amanda said...

Aww, this is so sweeet!
Hahaha I think Ms. A prettiest, right? :D H&R like this post too.

Josh said...

[Putu] Yah they're cute. Err... how about their uncle?? :-P

[CJ] Ya lor, all gal.

Josh said...

[Amanda] Hahahaha... yah Ms. A prettiest, for now. :-D
Had u decided on where to dine and what movie to watch?

nmi said...

i would also love to have an uncle like you josh.. heeee