Sunday, February 21, 2010

Something Different About This CNY

With a blink of the eyes, CNY for 2010 was already over.

We had our usual family re-union dinner, with the usual 'lou-sang' and family get together.

The CNY eve midnight fireworks was as noisy and colourful as usual. The whole family stayed awake till midnight and watched the splendor of our neighbours' firework display without paying a single cent, as usual.

Relatives and friends came and visited us and we counter visit them as any other previous CNY. Updates and gossips were exchanged.

The activities were like any other CNY, filled with colour, joy and get-together. But there's something different about this CNY. Nothing big, nothing extravagant, but Dad and Mum can tell alright. It's the presence of Justin in the family. Our family was filled with Justin's laughter, Justin's cooing, and also his mid-night cry.

Dad was grinning from ear to ear all the time, having his grandchild in his arm almost the whole day (Great, now Justin demands us to carry him every single moment in between his two hours sleep).

Mum was excited too, to see her two-and-a-half months old grandchild able to coo and responded to her voice. Again, Justin was either at grandpa's arm or grandma's. He's a gem to them. Justin is not the only grandchild in the family, but mum and dad was extra happy to have Justin, after waiting for 5 years on our marriage.

To Justin's dad. It's another different story. It's about Angpow. :-P
My wife and I used to give away angpow on every CNY. This year, we received (or rather it's Justin) angpow, lots of them.... One hundred... two hundred.... three.... four...... seven.... eight..... and still going up (another 8 days to go before CNY ends)...

Yah, it's different now. Justin's presence changed our life, and our family's too. But it's a very much welcomed change.


Cath J said...

So cute baby... ^_^

Have a great day!

Lifebook said...

One happy family

Puan Tod said...

makin comel Justin ni... :)

Josh said...

[CJ] Thanks! So, dah mintak ngan hubby?? :-P

[lifebook] Thanks my friend.

[Puan Tod] Of Course! makin macam papa dia kan?

:: NbC :: said...

jom share ang pow ngan aunty jom :-)

星蘅。珊特思 said...

Wau..Ang pau for justin leh!Haha!So any ang pau for us ya?^^lol

I wish Justin grow up healthily and happily!


justin walaupun dlm tidur..tetap nampak hensem..!

(iyelah..iyelah..papa dia pun hensem gak le..! )

p/s..share angpow ngan aunty putu jugak tau..not just aunty pinky..

Josh said...

[Pinky] Auntie Pinky, Justin's angpow money are ALL in my account. How to share? :-P

[Xanthus] You'll get one if you come to my house. hahahaha
Thanks for the wishes. He'll be a healthy and happy boy.

Josh said...

[Putu] Tenkiuuuuuu, tenkiuuuuuuu...

Auntie Putu, to late, it's in my account. hahahaha

AzA said...

angpow makin byk, pipi Justin pon makin tembam..bila nk bg kami cubit

星蘅。珊特思 said...

Lol..I dunoe where is ur house pun..No hope..T.T