Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Perut Membesar

With all the makan-makan events during raya holiday, one would definitely look at his/her own tummy at the end of the day and thought, "Gosh... it's getting bigger".

And what follows would be series of rather useless or unnecessary solutions:
1. Kena kurang makan lah (still, raya-ing from house to house and gulped in tons of lemang, rendang or even lontong).
2. Nak gi gym lah (still, takde masa, ada kawan jemput gi raya kat rumah).
3. Jaga diet lah, kurangkan yang berlemak (as if u can resist those wonderful greasy and fattening cookings).

For your info, I lost 2 kg over the month of Ramadhan. Kalo Josh kata diet masa bulan puasa, dietlah maksudnya. But then, my wife was the other way round. She gulped in tons of food. In the end she gained weight and her waist increased double to her previous measurement. See, i can't beat the size of my wife's belly.

But the thing is, I'm sooooooooo happy she'd gained weight. And I'm sooooooooooooo happy to see her getting bigger :-D

She's 7 months pregnant. Yah, I did something to her. hahahahaha. Our baby is normal and growing healthily albeit the worries and sleepless nights in the beginning. Reaching and beyond 40s, our age is no longer young. The chances of having abnormalities is high. But God is graceful, our baby is gaining weight according to the normal curve. Frequent checkups confirming that the baby is healthy.

I'll be officially a daddy by the end of the year, if everything goes smoothly. We want to give thanks to our fellow Christian brothers and sisters for their constant supports and prayers. Most of all, We give all the thanks and praises to our God.

I'm a happy man. Grinning with radiant smile.


moshee said...

wah ah josh!! congrats bro!...tak pernah citer pun..hihihi..cant wait to see your baby..ade cam iras2 aaron kwok tak??

pray for your wife's health...may the baby and the mother safe :D..

hihihi..can call you "pa" la lepas ni...

moshee said...

btw..gambar yang last tu tak boleh tahan model gitu!!hihihihi

tsar said...

org kata perut tu nanti boleh guna utk pangku anak time ajak drive dlm keta :D

Ms B said...

*grins* You definitely did something to her.

Anyway, congrats Josh. Hope it'll be a smooth one for your wife. with the age factor, one must take extra precaution.

Anak Jawa said...

AJ offer jd Pak Bidan. kah kah kah!!!

tahniah. teringat kata yazz dulu2... usaha tangga kejayaan. hehehe

Cath J said...

Wowww..... This is a great JOY!!!! Congrats to you!!!

another new daddy coming... you might need some advice from

Hehehhehe.. He was a newly daddy too... ^_^

Congrats again...

:: NbC :: said...

Congrats Josh & C - soooo happy to read this entry. I'm happy for u both.

the most awaited baby is coming - nanti aunty Pinky dtg visit baby ye..

*psssst Josh saje join C besarkan tummy eh..? ;-)

nazzman ibrahim said...

senyum nazz baca n3 ni......
7 bulan dah cepatkannn bro tak sabar nak tengok baby mesti comel..

nazzman ibrahim said...
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azYda said...


this wud be my first comment here though I've been yr silent reader for quite some time.

but the news is so great that I just had to pen down a few words.

I remembered reading yr entry abt seeing a bird's nest on a tree near the window. I guess even the birds prayed for you, in return of yr kindness =)

And they say at times, God take something from us~ in order to gv something even better. The factory's gone (sadly, yes) but yayyy~ u're gonna be a dad!

Hope e'thing will turn out fine.
And I know you'll be a great dad!



Joshhh...ho yeah..ho yeahh..!!

happy for you Josh..!

wah..., senyap2 jek..rahsia le konon tu.. but at last.... great news for you...for everyone..

scan boy ke girl? tapi tak kisah le kan..1st baby.. asal sihat dan cukup sifat sudahlah... hehehe.

congratz again..!

Remember both of you susah hati during those kebakaran days...? nah..skrg..God dah give you a very beautiful give....thankful kan??!

* can't wait to see your baby le Josh..

Puan A said...

nnt dpt baby boy sure seiras papa dia

nmi said...

Great to hear you and wifey will be parents soon. May God richly bless you and your baby. Congrats!

Josh said...

[Moshee] Iras Aron Kwok ada, Iras Brat Pitt pun ada, iras Dr. S pun ada. *wink wink.. hehehehe

Gambar last tu lah mahal!

[tsar] Perut tu untuk pangku anak??? That's a great idea!! hahahahaha

Josh said...

[Ms B] Yah, i got to admit, i did something. hahaha
Thanks for the concern, we're taking every cautious measure to ensure there's no complication or what so ever.

[AJ] Cikgu jadi Bidan??? Tamoo, tamoooo! hahahaha
Sebab ayat Yaz tu la Josh berusah lebih gigih! boleh?

Josh said...

[CJ] Thanks CJ, and thanks for the link too!

[Pinky] Thanks Pinky, jemput la datang rumah!

Er... about the tummy thingy, C 'forced' me to join her. hahahaha

Josh said...

[Nazz] Thanks Nazz, a'ah kejap je dah 7 bulan, kejap lagi bersalin lah wife. :-D

[azYda] Hi Azyda!!! I'm honoured to have silent reader like you who remember quite a number of things about me and my life. Thanks!
And ya, the lost of the factory was painful, but God gave us this baby in return, it's a blessing in disguise indeed.

Josh said...

[Putu] Thank you, Thank you. Tocei Tocei! Nandri Nandri.. hehehehe

Takkan Josh nak rahsiakan selama-lamanya kaaan. So Josh 'bongkar'kan rahsia sekarang. hehehe

But yah, as long as the baby is healthy, it doesn't matter if it's a boy or a girl. It's a boy. :-D

[Puan A] Tenkiu-tenkiu. Erm... boy tu memang ler hensem macam bapak dia, cuma bapak dia lagi ler hensem. hehehe

Josh said...

[nmi] Thanks Puan. Thank you very much.


boy? tu Josh..
boleh tolong Josh berkebun..menebas rumput.. cuci kereta..bla..bla..bla..

Josh said...

[Putu] Amboi... dah planning panjang yer. Josh nak dia ikut Josh gi camping, gi ambik gambar, nak dia jadi sorang yang cinta Alam :-D

xanthus said...

Wah..Sir...Dunoe wat shud i say other than!Finally u become a lovely father soon.Haha!

Josh said...

[xanthus] thank you very much!

kok@un said...

Congratulation! new Papa mesti sibuk kelak!

azizi said...

now you have another reason to smile.
* for Him is listening for all prayers.

Josh said...

[kok@un] That's definitely! hehe

[Azizi] O yah, He listened. :-D,
I could smile all day thinking of His grace and mercy!

Kembara Musafir said...

congrats Josh....!!! am truly hepi for you... next trip back to KL, kena bawak buah tgn utk the baby boy... (er, baby boy la, bukan bapaknya...!!! :)) Kasi nama Johan jer Josh... hehe.... it's a biblical name, and it has a great meaning in Malay as well... kannnnnn....??? kalo translate to Arabic, it becomes Yahya/Yehya if I am not mistaken...:)

siapa sokong...?

Josh said...

[Kingkong] Tenkiu tenkiuuuuu!! Alaaa kalo bawak buah tangan kena lah bagi bapak baby..

Johan is a good name. In fact, i got several friends and church member having that name. Err.... i think Kingkong also not bad, got great meaning in Malay, English and even Mandarin... hehehehe..

Siapa sokong..??

Kembara Musafir said...

Kingkong in Malay apa maknanya Josh...? Mandarin lak, apa maknanya...? gua konpius.... :D

AnakPkn said...

Congrat Josh - that's a good news - pandai Josh simpan rahsia sampai 7 bulan baru orang tahu. I remember commented a long time ago, asking when u gonna be a dad and u answered 'tengah usaha'.
Well, you did 'usaha' indeed. Since u have many friends all over Malaysia - why not give a name reflecting all of us. he he

Josh said...

[Kingkong] Kingkong in Malay = gagah perkasa, kingkong in mandarin = A large size hero in a famouse movie. hehehehehe

[AnakPkn] Tenkiuuuuu. Yah i did usaha.
Err... name reflecting all of us?? err... errr.... 1Malaysia?? :-D