Sunday, February 6, 2011

CNY 2011 in Kuching

My family and I went back to my hometown Kuching for the Chinese New Year celebration. Grandpa and grandma was excited and in great joy to have their grandchildren back home. My second brother's two little girls and our Justin boy. The other grandchildren came back during Christmas and now in their paternal grandparents' home.

As always, Kuchingites like to have their CNY eve in style. Each family put up their very own firework display. I was told some family would spend more then RM30,000 for that single night. Gosh.... i wish they could spend them on needy people.

As for our family, we didn't spend a single cent on that. We chose to sit on nice lazy chairs in our front yard and enjoy the fireworks by the neighbours while sipping some nice tea :-D

And for grandma and grandpa, they're fully occupied by their grandchildren. Baby Justin was literally spoiled rotten by grandma and grandpa. Every single thing that he demanded was gladly fulfilled by grandma and grandpa.

I can foresee our CNY next year when baby Justin will be running around the house and in grandpa's orchard, grandma and grandpa will not have the energy to chase after him while papa and mama will have to do the job of keeping an eye on him. 

I better take care of my health and keep fit. Justin need papa and mama in his growing up years. 

Happy Chinese New Year everyone. 


CathJ said...

Ow.. I didn't knw you are sarawakian.. :)

Happy CNY..

Saa Bello said...

Gong xi fa cai..

Josh said...

[CJ] haiyooo.... :-p
Thanks, same goes to you.

[Salihu] Thanks. Gongxi gongxi.

shilawali said...

The little boss looks like atok lah

Josh said...

[Shila] Kaaaan! But some said he look more like his mama. Mata sepet. :-D