Friday, January 22, 2010

Traditional Remedy for Baby Rashes

Justin got rashes on and off ever since he was born. The rashes were especially obvious around his neck and his back. Being new in parenthood, relatives and friends gave us many opinion and advices. I find it particularly interesting to use herbs as remedy.

I got no idea what species is this plant, but it's a common herb among kampung folks. The fruits of this herb look like lantern. I remember playing with this plant while i was very young.

Beside this plant, some even suggest to use bitter gourd plant. Just dry them under the sun so that we can keep them. When we want to use it, just boil them in water for about half an hour. Wait until the extract to cool down, then use it to bath the baby.

Indeed it was quite effective. The rashes were gone in a day or two. As the rashes re-occur, just bath the baby with the extract again. Interesting isn't it?

Thanks to my mother-in-law, we got all sort of traditional knowledge on parenting.


Cath J said...

Means your baby very chubby lerr... hehehhe... ^_^

My boy got the same problem too.. and yes my MIL mandi my boy with something2 too... goshhh... I did not take an initiative to know that time..

But if my boy got diaper rash.. I always trust on the rashes creme.. also fast healing.. but for body.. this type of mandi2 herb is the best.. ^_^

Anak Jawa said...

comel sgt2... geramnyaaaaaa

Josh said...

[CJ] Aiyooo... ye ker? but he look small to me?? :-D
Yah, the Dr. gave us some cream too. It's effective, but we're trying not to apply medication too much. That's why we try alternative remedies. Like you said, it's the best.

[AJ] Hhaaaaa, comel ek? Cikgu cepat lah kawin, boleh ler 'buat' sendiri. :-P

budak bengang said...

I heard it works with the parents too ahahahaha.. :P wey, Josh ah, u got rash too ka? hehehe

Josh said...

[budak bengang] hahahahahahaha... no no no.... Josh tak gatal. hahahahahahaha


kasitau le namanya dlm bahasa kalau tau yek Josh..
karang salah ambik daun..jadi lain pulak kat kulit baby ni..

and I agreed with AJ.. so comel le Justin boboy..

Josh said...

[Putu] Ok boss, kalo Josh dapatkan nama nanti Josh bagitau.
O, ye ker Justin comel?? thanks. :-D

budleee said...

so which one did you use? bitter gourd or lantern plant??

*wah bitter gourd? bapaknya suka makan bitter gourd, anaknya kena mandi dlm bitter gourd, pasni anak dia pun suka bitter gourd

Josh said...

[Bud] We used both. :-P

That's very true. Bitter gourd is one of my favourite dish. Hopefully Justin would love it too.