Monday, May 19, 2008

Tagged by MIM.... Aiyoooo....

I was tagged by MIM. Why on earth, out of billions of bloggers, and I was chosen?? (hahaha... jgn marah MIM).

Name 4 Things That Need To Be Invented
Name 4 Things That Should Never Have Been Invented
Name 3 Things I do not know about you
Name 5 Snacks you enjoy

Name 4 Things That Need To Be Invented
1. A super thin and super light weight DSLR camera, preferably foldable. Sometimes the bulky camera is troublesome if you go on back-pack holiday.
2. Cure for sinusitis and rhinitis. I had been suffering for more then 20 years, and had gone through surgery.
3. A mattress that does not wear out or sink in in the middle, while providing soft spongy comfort. The reason is, one have to change their mattress in every few years if they want to avoid back pain.
4. Foldable cars, they're taking too much parking space.

Name 4 Things That Should Never have been Invented
1. Computer viruses. Though I have never had any virus problem using my iBook, I have to send my company computer to the ICT staff every now and then.
2. Plastic bags. They're the major killer for turtles. They cause world pollution, and degradation rate is way too low.
3. Weapon for war. Don't u think war using parang, spears and alike is more interesting??
4. Paper cups and plates. Why can't they invent wafer cups, so that they can eat the cup after they had their drinks?

Name 3 Things i do not know about you. (or you do not know about me?? I got confused.)
1. I used to take part in art competitions during my school years. Posters, mural paintings, you name it. And i always got my self within the first 3 if not consolations.
2. My dream was to be an architect. I got the offer from a well known U in Australia. But my dad can't come up with enough money for my education. I ended up in local u taking a course which is not my choice.
3. I'm a good kisser. (hahahaha... self acclaimed).

Name 5 Snacks you enjoy.
1. Can cheese cakes be considered snacks??
2. Dark chocs (and bitter sweet chocs too).
3. Kuih cincin from Sabah.
4. All sorts of nuts, including coconut.
5. Empeng buah melinjo.

Gossh.... i spent more then 40 minutes doing this. Thanks a lot MIM (hahahaha.. jangan marah..)

Now who should I tag?? or anyone want to volunteer??


budleee said...

I guess we have to confirm with Mrs Josh to find out for question 3on things i do not know about you :D

ZEYN said...


great answers! hehe...MIM tu memang kejam. bagi kita tag yang susah! hehe...

yup, i agree with budleee. hehe...

oh, kat Kuching pun ada kuih cincin lah. sedap sangat benda tu...tak cukup sekeping. kalau nak tahu gigi kuat ke tak, makanlah kuih cincin. :-)

Inah said...

melinjo?empeng?errmm..ape tu?

kuih cincin tu mcm mana pulak??


josh x de gambar empeng n kuih cincin ke nak letak..

Arel said...

Hi josh. Lama x dengar cerita.. Architect wanna be.. very2 interesting :)

Anonymous said...

saya tlg jwb inah, kuih cincin tu kuih glamor kt sabah especially for bajau people..color putih n keras2 skit but sweet.. empeng malinjo tu dr indon..pahit2 rsanya, dibuat dr buah malinjo..dlm byk2 kwn saya,josh je yg suka empeng tu..peliks..josh, saya akan balik sabah (husband hometown)july nie,saya bwa kuih cincin ye..remind me ok..

Josh said...

[Bud] U don't have to ask. She told me so. hahah..jangan kata nak cuba dah.

[zeyn]Kita tolerate je lah ngan kekejaman MIM tu.
I love kuih cincin. Tapi yang kat kuching tu keras sikit. Yang Sabah punya crispier. Sekarang mungkin dah improved dah kot.

[Inah] Takde gambar lah inah, Empeng tu dibuat daripada buah melinjo. Buah dia dipenyetkan, pastu goreng. Pahit-pahit sikit. Sedaaaap.
Nak tau rupe kuih cincin? Tunggu hingga Anon Yang jauh tu belikan nanti.

[Anon yang jauh] Yeh Yeh.. nak kuih cincin. Bila balik sini (KL) pulak? Nih tengah kumpul duit nak belanja A ngan husband gi makan-makan.

Josh said...

[Arel] Nak balas comment Arel asing-asing. Nih sebab nak bebel panjang. Kata nak update Arel? kata minggu depan bila dapat Streamyx(that was three months ago), mane dia update? Hari-hari kita gi check blog dia, macam tu je........(hehehe.... banyak lagi kalo nak bebel panjang...)

So, bila Arel??

Anonymous said...

amboi..xkan la smpai kene kumpul duit nak belanja saya nie..saya nie xdemand sgt, at least palace of golden horses dh ok husband definitely kne pi fitness cntre tu sbb dah mkin gemuk kt sni..haah saya tau josh jd member, tgk entry tu dh tau dh..dh murah ke skg?kesian josh doakn dia bankrap tp makin kaya raya dgn membership josh(kuang..kuang.)

Josh said...

[anon]hahahahaha.... Datin pun gelakkan saya tau.

Ingat nak belanja makan kat HongKong, flight included. Tapi dah kata nak gi golden horses, ok ler...

ZEYN said...


a'ah, yang Sabah punya crispier. yang kat Sarawak punya memang gigi tak sihat tak boleh makan la. confirm patah sebatang dua! hihihi...

Josh said...

[zeyn] but then, the Sarawak punya are nice to nibble. Makan slow-slow, sedap jugak.

R u on holiday, Zeyn?

MIM said...

Eh where I got kejam one, I still celik okayyy...kuang kuang kuanggg...Hehehehe...

Alaa, best per kena TAG. Si idee and teddy la punyer pasal main TAG2 nih! They are the evil ones. Hehehehe...

Ah Zeyn diam2 mengata aku?! ;-D

Josh said...

[MIM] Hahahaha... tak la marah, kena tag sekali sekala tu ok gak.

Erm... king-kong pun marah tau.. siap lah ko MIM, King Kong mengamuk.

MIM said...

Kekekeke... King Kong 2 hari dok terpikiaq apa nak jawab TAG tuh! Hahahaha... Cian King Kong...Sayang sayang... ;-D

Tropical Banana said...

Goodness Uncle Joshua.. as a responsible niece who should teach her dinosaur uncle, I seriously need to teach you how to do tags PROPERLY one day.. :DD

You know, less GROSSER ones which do not invoke images in my poor mind. Less mention of kissing pleasepleaseplease x 3947198

(Hehe, perasan much?)

Arel said...

Dah update ler Josh, streamyx baru masuk last week..

Tunggu josh.. siap u, jgn nanti i update laju giler smpai u x terbaca.. huhu (bebelan balas untuk Josh

Josh said...

[MIM] Tau takpe, sian kita tau! hahahaha..

[banana] Who dinosaur?? What poor mind?? I got confused. By the way, didn't u kiss your mum and dad everyday too? you're also good kisser what?? hehehehehe..

[Arel] hahahahahaha..... update ler.. nanti Josh gi baca setiap jam. Kalo x update siap ko Arel.. hehehehehe.. Tahniah dah update.

ZEYN said...


yep. i'm on holiday. term break sampai early July. tapi kerja interior decorating berlambak-lambak so i'm concentrating on that right now...sebab next month i won't be in Malaysia. nak buat soul-searching kejap.

kalau orang lain mampu pergi travelling, i pun mampu.

Josh said...

[zeyn] wow, that's good for u zeyn. Gi lah melancong buka minda.

U do interior decor also??

ZEYN said...

bukan nak buka minda...nak cuci minda. :-)

yup, i've been doing it since late 2000. tapi i makan gaji only lah. my cousin's the boss...and the interior designer, along with his other partners. kira i ni pak andam interior aje.

the pay is good...and time i study pun i boleh buat so dapatlah gaji bulan-bulan. tapi when i'm in school, i buat kerja-kerja research aje lah. kalau kat Kuching (or now) baru i kerja gila-gila.

tak ada sapa nak bagi i duit so kenalah cari sendiri, kan?

Josh said...

[zeyn] IC, IC. That's a good spirit. We dont' depend on others to survive. All the best to your 'cari duit' thingy.

Chen said...

really good kisser? come kiss me and i will grade you. heehee...

Josh said...

[chen] aiyoooo